Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Requirements for Vacuum Cleaner


How many vacuum cleaner did you ever buy in the past? For me, I have not purchase any yet, I am just using what my brother bought. But my brother has bought three so far. The first one was a big and heavy vacuum cleaner with cord and high watt. We seldom use it as we found that it takes time for us to take it out from its box and then keep it back again. My brother then bought the small handhold cordless vacuum cleaner. However, it is not that powerful as to compare with the old one. Recently, he bought another one from Singapore, it seems to be powerful but smaller in size if compare to the first one that we have. From there, I have summarized that there are 2 requirements in choosing a vacuum cleaner for myself. It must be low in energy consumption and with stylish design. I want a vacuum cleaner with low energy consumption so that I can pay off the electricity bill like usual. I prefer to have a stylish looking vacuum cleaner so that if there is any visitor coming when I am busy vacuuming the house, at least I still look good holding a stylish vacuum cleaner in hand instead of a clumsy and noisy vacuum cleaner.

I think Dirt Devil has the right products for me to choose from. The new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac both look great and they use 70% less energy. AccuCharge is also the first cordless cleaning technology approved by Energy Star . With the approval, I think you should consider for these vacuums too.

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