Friday, June 20, 2008

15th July 2007, Guangzhou - Zhuhai

Busy packing in the morning as we were leaving to Zhuhai that afternoon by bus. After packing, we just walked around nearby the hotel to search for food. We settled down at this restaurant called Ren Xin. Out of curiosity, we ordered this dessert in the menu: 姜撞奶 (ginger milk). It sounds funny in mandarin. Well, I do not like the taste even though it is a famous hot dessert.

Back to the hotel and waited for the bus at the bus station outside the hotel.

It took 2 hours for the journey from Guangzhou to Zhuhai.

We visited the New Yuanming Park (圆明新园 Yuan Ming Xin Yuan), an imitation of the Yuanming Park in Beijing. It covers an area of 1.39 square KM and inside the park there is also 80,000 square metres of lake.
The throne.
Dragon found above the throne.

Beautiful garden.
The views from the lake.

Reaching the opposite side of the lake.Performers on the boat.
Grand building.

At night, we went to the huge underground shopping complex (拱北地下广场) at the border in Gongbei. There are hundreds of shops and you can find anything there including: clothing, shoes, handbags, jade, watches and etc. I am sure you will found yourself rubbing your eyes seeing so many imitation goodies especially watches (Rolex, Omega) and hangbags (LV, GUCCI, CHANNEL, PRADA) there. There are even grades to determine the price and the quality of the fake items.

I almost bought a fake MiuMiu handbag. I found the bag quite pretty and of good quality, so I decided to ask about the price. To be frank, I do not know what is a MiuMiu handbag during that time and who cares what it is since they are all fake. The conversation between the salesgirl and myself:

Salesgirl: Hi, liang moi, come in and take a look!
Me: *smile* How much is the handbag?
Salesgirl: It is RMB280.
Me: Any discount?
Salesgirl: Got! After discount it is RMB250.
Me: Still very expensive. Nevermind.
Salesgirl: Oh, how much you want? You give a price.
Me: How can?
Salesgirl: Why not? If the price you say is too low, then I will not sell to you also. You just let

me know how much then you want to buy.
Me: er AR er AR...
Salesgirl: You just say a price.

The quality is not bad, the most I am willing to pay for that is RM50 which is around RMB100. But I was so shy to tell her. I mean RMB100 is about 40% of the price she told me. So, I rather leave the shop instead of telling a price that she will not consider. I put the handbag back onto the shelf and ready to leave.

Salesgirl: What happen?
Me: No, I do not want to buy anymore. I do not think you can offer the price I want.
Salesgirl: You just tell me. Let me consider.
Me: Nevermind, I do not want it anymore.
Salesgirl: No, no, no, since we have fate to meet each other, we are at least friend now. You just tell me the price.

She was just like an octapus, grabbing and forcing me to give her a price.

CCW: RMB100.
Salesgirl: OH!!! That's too low! Look at the quality of the leather, it worth more.
Me: Ya, I know the quality is good.
Salesgirl: Come on, give a higher price and I will sell it to you.

I kept silence as I really do not wish to pay more than RMB100 for that handbag. However, CCW was impatient. He just wanted to leave the shop, so he offered her a higher price.

CCW: RMB150. If you were not willing to sell then fine.

I was like @@!! I do not want to buy a fake handbag with that price!

Salesgirl: It is still too low. I cannot make it. Can you give a higher price?

CCW then led me out the shop and left. The salesgirl was shouting from behind and telling us that her boss got something to tell us. CCW told me to ignore her since I am not willing to pay RMB150. However, I feel bad to her as she kept calling us to go back but we just ignored her. CCW told me that he had already told her nicely at the first place that we will take the bag if she can accept RMB150. It is her problem. But when I turned and looked at her, she was like very pity and wanted to sell the handbag to me badly. I told ccw that I worried that the girl might follow us back to the hotel just to get the handbag sell to me. CCW just asked me no need to care about her.

We continued window shopping as I learnt that it is not easy to get out from the shop once you stepped into it.

Then all of a sudden, a pat on my shoulder, I looked back and saw the salesgirl!

Salesgirl: Miss, you follow me back to my shop, my boss said he can sell the handbag to you at the price RMB100.
Me: *jaw dropped open*
CCW: No, no, we do not want it anymore.
Me: ...

I was too shocked to say a word. She should just sell it off when CCW offer her RMB150, why on earth she wanted to chase after us all the way and selling it even cheaper? And that's the way they bargain? The price can drop from RMB280 to RMB100?!

That's how I learnt to bargain in China!

We left the shopping complex and went over to another supermarket nearby. We bought this:Go to China and drink the beer make in China! A good way to lose the heat in body!

End of Day 12.


papercrazy said... like ghost...haunt you like dat...hahahah

but why dun wan to buy lei?? SO low liaw lei

Pink Cotton said...

hahahaah that is really so interesting!!
show me lei!...nvr show me the bag wo...

i so excited reading your story...half price wei!

wow i love it! i wanto go to china!!!!!

lol this remind me of an incident a little bit similar..i explain to u when u online...LOL

IamDoryFish~ said...

redsponge, how come u still can remember so clearly geh? happened quite some time ago d right? :P

miu miu handbag famous eh, u never take photo!! :P rm50 still expensive u know, normally they state a price which is 10x their cost. I believe the cost of the handbag is only rm15!! Too bad CW replied so fast!

Chen said...

Yeah, u need to bargain when buying stuff in CHina. They still earn profits even if u bargain till less than half the original price given :)
But i'm not good in bargaining lah (skin not thick enough), but i know u can even bargain up to 20% of the original price given. Yeah, 20% of the ori price :)

Beer in China is so CHEAP and i drink beer like water there :P

Redsponge said...

papercrazy, yalo...we walked quite far away already...she can still find me!

Good question, because ccw dun let me buy! He said she should have sell to us earlier...and we also worried want to follow her back to the shop lo.

But after coming back, I am still bising him about my miumiu handbag left in China...LOL. I am so bad!

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, i din wait for next episode, when I went with my mil this year, there is another interesting bargaining process ;p

iamdoryfish~, good question too! It is because I have been telling the story over and over again...But of course, ccw got to remind me which day it happened during the trip la! haha...
Yo...but from RM280, how we dare to tell the girl to sell it to us for RMB30? Nevermind, next time if you going, you buy a few handbags at one go, sure you can get cheap cheap price.

Redsponge said...

chen, i am also not good at bargaining. ;p But I learn a lot there. My parents also said that I bought expensive stuff from there. Sigh...20%???!!! They earn alot!

Waiseh, you are so "keng"! But it is really cheap lo!! kekeke...