Thursday, June 05, 2008

Road Trip toTebakang

Everyone is away for holidays and I have to stay back to look after the house. Ya, cos we don't rear dog, so I have to take over the task. Hehehehee...

Luckily, there is still CCW. He always has a lot of ideas where to go, what to do, what to eat at anytime.

So, on Sunday, together with Winnie, Boi and OKK, we set out on a road trip to Tebakang for the famous BIG prawns.
Please note that the petrol price in Malaysia has increased from RM1.90 to RM2.70 per litre when the clock strikes 12midnight on the 5th of June, therefore when you planning on a road trip, you might need to take petrol expenses into consideration! *bleks*

Serian is one of the towns in between Kuching and Tebakang. There is a famous Ranchan Recreation Park. And, I haven't been to that place before. So, we made a stop there to take some photos.

Woo...look at the beautiful colourful drinks.

We were greeted by the water pouring sound upon arrival. Ranchan is famous of its waterfall.

We did not bring any clothes so all we can do is breathing the fresh air and strolling around. But since they are with a pregnant lady, they cannot move too far away as they had to consider for the pregnant lady safety as the floor is slippery and could cause the pregnant lady slips and falls.

We spent sometimes on the hanging bridge and then continued our journey to Tebakang.

With Boi, who is borned in Serian, as our guide, we drove around the Serian town. The mascot in Serian should be Durian, but we did not stop down to take photo of it. But we took photo of something else that is found in the town.

Time to go for our lunch. We drove up to Tebakang. I had been to this place when I followed my relatives to my cousin's place several years back. All I remembered is that there is only a row of shops and there is a river or big drain in front of the shops. And you know it, we were lost. Hehehee...CCW and OKK decided to asked the local for direction and they were laughed by the auntie as it was their FIRST time visiting Tebakang! Duh...

Anyway, we found that there is cotton tree at Tebakang. That is the river I told you earlier.

Get a closer look, the tree is smaller compare to the one at Padang Merdeka, but somehow it has more cotton. Hmm...

Here, we found the shop is famous of the tomato prawns.The name is "Zit Hin".

You think there is nothing special? Well, actually the prawns are big! How big? Each of the prawns weighs more than 200g. We ordered one for each and it costed us RM55 for this dish. That's how big it is.
1kg = RM47

The following photo is purposely put up to serve as a reminder to all. Please note that the price of rice is increased as well. Do not waste rice. ;p

p/s: According to my cousin, the big prawns are caught from the river or big drain. ;p


IamDoryFish~ said...

petrol increased! rice increased~ but salary the same!~! boooooohoooooooo

VampireM said...

in reply to dory's comment:
prawn size increased

Redsponge said...

iamdoryfish~, sigh...u know? I heard from my colleague that petrol in his Kenari petrol tank was stolen!!! When everything increases in price, safety becomes an issue.