Thursday, June 05, 2008

If these pants could talk!

"You wont believe it. Will you believe it if I tell you I am coming from an ordinary family but is treated like a queen since the day I am married to this person? There is nothing special in me but I know I am deeply loved by him. Love at the first sight does not happen to us. He chose me among many other rich, famous and gorgeous girls, he said he is comfortable when we are together. We are always together. He brings me along when he goes to work. He will be with me when he is at home. He takes good care of me. He is always alert and not to let anything dirty or harm me."

If my maternity pants can talk, I am sure that is how the life it is in now. In Kuching, there is not many shops that sell maternity wear, not to mention finding a maternity pants that is made of good material with reasonable price. That's why I take extra care for my maternity pants. I never throw them into washing machine, they are hand wash by myself.

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The contest is fully organised by Dockers. Now, I am waiting for the day after delivery so that I can grab myself something from Dockers!

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