Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attention: It is week 30!

Hehehehe...Anticipation or fear?!

3 weeks passed by, it is time to report the visit to doctor.

I am now 64.6kg, slightly drop 0.01kg since the last visit. Upon hearing that, doctor responsed by nodding his head and saying "Good" for a few times. Anyway, I do not know how I maintain the weight.

Time to see baby Cola!

The doctor showed us baby Cola's face. ^_^ The eyes, the nose, the mouth, the chin...It has been a long time since we last seen Cola so clearly through the ultrasound scan.

Doctor even paused there and talked to baby Cola.

Doctor:"Baby, open your mouth! Com'on, open your mouth..."
Baby Cola: "..."
Doctor: "Com'on, show us your mouth..."
Baby Cola: *Ignore*

I was quite surprised that the doctor was actually trying to communicate with my baby. I thought only parents will do that. is cute.

Ccw talked to the doctor. I interrupted their conversation when I heard the doctor said I can deliver the baby at the 37th week. The doctor's wife laughed at me when I told them that it is scary!

*Pacing to and fro, counting the weeks*

Baby Cola is 1.46kg now, doctor commented that he is growing at the normal growth rate.

Let me show you what the doctor drew on the report card
I only noticed the symbol of the gender the next day.

Stay tuned, as the due date is looming closer, I need to visit the doctor 2 weeks later.

p/s: Baby Cola is getting stronger, I can see the surface of my belly moving. What is he doing inside there? Punching me with his fists or kicking me with his legs? Luckily he did not learn to tickle yet, else...;p


Pink Cotton said...


37th week?!?!? thats only 7 weeks from now...

*kinteo together with u*


omg!! can see his is so advanced...

omg omg omg u hv a real baby 'x'

and he is confirmed boy boy! kekeke

adipos said...

I think you're going to have a 08/08/08 baby :-)

Huat ah!!!!!

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, *jump jump jump* Erm, the shape, erm...not like see your face in photo la..but clearer than film...Heheh...go search online ;p
Hahaa, I think the doctor is funny, never want to tell us how he knows Cola is a boy.

adipos, wah, like that you busy signing your marriage cert at church while I giving birth in the labour room? Aiyer...abit scared.

Chen said...

Congrats once again.
30 weeks & 2 days when u visited the O&G doc.

How the doctor knows that is a boy ah? By looking in between the groins of the baby lah :P

Redsponge said...

chen, but why the doctor never want to show us ho????? so weird...

Chen said...

might be the doc thought he had showed u all before liao? :P

Redsponge said...

no le...mayb the doctor is shy...LOL