Saturday, June 07, 2008

Being emotional

Something has just happened but please forgive me for not sharing it here.

I am very emotional lately.

Feel sad easily.

Get panicked easily.

Get worried easily.

Get stressed out easily.

I feel sorry to Cola but I just could not help it. I think he can feel it. My belly gets real tighten when I am tensed up.

Despite what is happening, I tried my best to get over the negative thoughts or feelings as soon as possible. is good to be able to pour out my feelings here. :)


Chev said...

A big virtual hugs
hope u can get over the negative thoughts soon
take care ya

Redsponge said...


Gabbo said...

dear fren,

don b so stressed out...
what has hapnd has hapnd...u need to think of cola...try to be happy.....for him =)


Redsponge said...

gabbo, nod nod. *hugs*