Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am a happy mother!

The expecting due date is getting nearer and I am on the way preparing baby Cola with his tiny little stuff.

Last weekend, I bought some baby stuff from Anakku, a local brand that provides baby-care products. The boutique is located at Green Height, on the way to Kuching International Airport.

My purchase:

1 x 12 pieces of baby reusable napkins.
2 x 8 pieces of Disney baby reusable napkins.
1 x 30 pieces of one-way nappy liners.
6 x 2 pieces of towels.

I were told that I can collect points if I sign up as Anakku Member. The membership fee is RM10 for 2 years. Minimum points required to redeem rewards is 200 points and RM1 = 1 point. When I was filling up the membership form, the counter staff told me that I entitled for 2 chances (1 chance per RM50 in a single receipt) in the lucky draw competition. She took out a box and asked me to draw 2 tickets. Yes, I got 2 RM10 vouchers. You can imagine I was giving out a big smile, I am such a lucky mother. :)

She also told me that the Disney baby reusable napkins is on offering now, where the normal price is RM24.90 but it is now RM15 and the promotion is lasted while stocks available. So without much hestitation, I got another packet of it with one of the voucher. I spent the other voucher on another packet of the towels.

If you were a new mother, like me, not sure what to buy, I am here sharing with you what my mother and mil told me. For baby napkins, we need to have enough for baby to use for 2-3 days. So, it is roughly about 4-6 dozens. You will not have to worry on the rainy days when your baby napkins wont dry up. But of course, you can always use the disposable napkin when you are running out of the reusable one. The drawback of the disposable napkin would be the higher cost and causing skin irritation to baby. Both my mother and mil also suggested to get the bigger piece of reusable napkin as it will be more absorbing. I heard from a lot of experienced mothers recommend napkins from Anakku.

You can also put a nappy liner on top of the reusable napkin so that the WHITE napkin wont get stained.

Baby towel is useful. You can use it as blanket, wrapper, pillow and also towel to the baby. The towel does not need to be thick, as long as it is soft, then it is good for the baby soft skin.

That's some little tips from me, hope it helps.


IamDoryFish~ said...

yeah, baby cola rulez!!! *dory swims dancing*
When I get pregnant :P then only I ask tips from you la, now you tell, sure forget 1

IamDoryFish~ said...

yeah, baby cola rulez!!! *dory swims dancing*
When I get pregnant :P then only I ask tips from you la, now you tell, sure forget 1

helen said...

hohoh...very helpful and useful tips! i'll be heading to Anakku soon. Redsponge, i've got a baby cot and 4" latex (was recommended latex is good for baby's breathing and plus it's anti dustmite) mattress yesterday from Poppies. I think they offer great range of baby cots. hehe. I think smaller stuffs like napkins and diapers i'll get from whichever safe for baby and CHEAPER! So farm i've heart testimonies from a lot of friends that Mamy Pokko (dont know how to spell it) is very very mummy and baby friendly. Easy to use and no leaking to be said. I think i'll get that one too next time. Any more tips what else to get? Last time my husband went KL and bought Avent milk bottles and the microwave steriliser already. ahahha I'm a very eager mom, am i not? =P

helen said...

So much baby stuff to get and i dont know where to start to be exact. Especially those smaller items. I dont know they're necessary or not. =/ No one give me a complete list so far on what to buy for baby. i think my MIL will say's still too early. =_=" And my mom lives oversea so not much advice from her also. But she'll come back for my one month confinement but i guess to buy all stuffs around that time will be WAY TOO LATE....

Redsponge said...

iamdoryfish~, sure. But, your sis might need the tips ;p

helen, I wonder we got the same baby cot or not, haha! I bought from Poppies last month too! But, I have not buy the mattress. Ya, I heard of mamy poko too. And, my bro got the avent starter kits for me from spore, did not buy the steriliser though. Hehehe...I actually got a shopping list. Maybe I shall send to you for your reference. ;p Be patient, k? ;p

Pink Cotton said...

hahaha...i like the mickey nappy lor

so so cute...

i will piak cola's bootboot when he wear it 'x'

Redsponge said...

kekekek...the mickey mouse head is so cute!!! I cant resist to buy them! ;p