Thursday, June 26, 2008

16th July 2007, Zhuhai - Macau

Stone Garden (石博园) has a collection of stones that look odd or resemble animals or something else.

This stone resembles the map of China.

If you have good imagination, you would find a lot of stones that looks like animals. I lazy to post up stone by stone here but just show you the scenery.

It is a pretty garden indeed.

We managed to find our way out from the stone puzzle. I love this, it is very fun.

The woods they use to build the path is smelly. But they are actually from the old railway station. I mean, stone garden reuse the woods that are taken out from the old railway station, very environmental friendly move.

Now, let me show you the most precious stone found in there:
It is said that this piece of stone worth RMB 10 millions. Keng not? Why is it valueable? If you can see la, it shows the word "寿", got ah? When the stone is turned the other round, you will read the word "龙". It is not man-made, and that is why it is so valuable.

The border at Gongbei, it connected Macau at the other side.
We just walked and dragged the luggage pass through the custom. It is very convenient.

Yeah, back to Macau again!

There are a lot of casinos around, you do not have to worry where to go. We decided to go back to New Lisboa to take back what we had lost there.

But, we must feed ourselves first. CCW's suggested to go to Rua do Cunha (官也街) and try out the famous crab porridge. So, we 2 headed to the nearby bus stand. We looked through the routes for each bus, seemed like no bus is going to that way from that bus stand. We asked the 2 schoolgirls where is the street and they pointed us to walk straight down the road and we will reach the destination. According to them, it is not too far away. Since we were not carrying any bag, we decided to take a stroll. To our surprise, the so-called short distance turn out to be more than 20mins walk! Too bad, I left the camera in hotel, as it is not allowed inside a casino. Otherwise, I can show you the scenery along the way.

Anyway, the crab porridge tasted good but it was the most expensive porridge that I had ever eaten in my life. If not mistaken, it is about MOP90 (RM40-45) for 2 persons. Please refer to this blog if you take a look at the porridge.

Like I mentioned earlier, we spent the evening at New Lisboa. The only thing is, we lost more! 十赌九输!

End of Day 13.


IamDoryFish~ said...

eh. im banana ma, u never explain the chinese words on the stone 1? turn then became what.explain expensive, worth it boh? :P

adipos said...

saya pun tak tahu...

i grow up eat kentang one.. dunno chinese...

Anyways, doesn't matter whether i know the word or not, it's just not there.. those ppl super imaginative lah...

Chen said...

got stone that looks like moo moo or not? :)

Redsponge said...

iamdoryfish, it is shou - longevity and lung - dragon! ;p I thought you can read a little bit ma ;p

adipos, ya, but got one might attract u ;p It is a part of your body. Too bad, we cant find that stone, haha

chen, GOT! but hee...just four legged animal ;p LOL!

Pink Cotton said...

any pink stone?


did u win money from the casino trip?hmm seems like i nvr ask u this...

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, aiks..GOT! I forgot to post the photo up! aiks...too long ago, i even forgot why i took photo of the pink stone ;p

No la...i lost alot of money :(