Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy belated Dumplings Festival to all

Have you been celebrating the festival by eating a lot, a lot of dumplings?

If you think you will puke when you see another dumpling appear right in front of your eyes, please do not scroll down. Dumpling photos ahead!

My mil has been making a lot, a lot of dumplings!

After steaming for 2 hours, the dumplings are ready to go into your stomach!

There are 3 flavours: plain, yam (sweet) and duck egg yolk (salty).

This is the dumpling with yam fillings.

This is my favourite dumpling with duck egg yolk.

Enjoy eating with your eyes :)


papercrazy said...

I don't have to eat with my eyes cos I tasted the yam one...Very very nice.

I have been having dumplings non stop since Saturday and NO, I WILL NOT PUKE cos I love dumplings very very much.

Ok, excuse me hah, I have one dumpling to eat at the pantry.

@pple said...

Your mil's dumpling is really nice!
Thanks for the treat~

Redsponge said...

papercrazy, waiseh, u like dumplings so much! I only take 3 this season i think.

@pple, sure my mil very proud cos you as "oni dumpling" expert (you eat oni dumpling since small ma) praise her dumplings! You are welcome! :)