Thursday, May 08, 2008

Winning Lottery

I seldom buy lottery ticket because
1. Luck is not with me. (Never win any lucky draw or anything yet!)
2. No idea which 4 digits to buy.
3. No dream/sign/hint/anything that make me want to place a bet.

Well, I still buy 1 or 2 tickets once in a blue moon. Sometimes, I do join in the fun when my parents and brother are getting excited matching their numbers. I remember that once my papa asked me to show him my ticket, I told him that I did not have any. I just simply think of 4 digits and try to match it with the drawing results. Clever, right? And my 4 digits never kenak lor.

Then last Saturday, I went breakfast with ccw and pil. We stopped by the gambling center at Kenyalang where you can find Sports Toto, Magnum 4D and Special Cash Sweep. This Special Cash Sweep is new to me. While I was admiring the shop from outside, my mil asked me whether I got any numbers not. I just shook my head and can only think of my car plate number.

That night, my car plate number really came out in the Special Cash Sweep drawing results under consolation prize.

On Sunday, I decided to try my luck. I asked ccw to buy my birth date for me. First time in my life, I win a lottery. I was so happy. Do not try to rob me, I only won RM9 from Magnum 4D. But, the thing is I WIN! HAHA!

Then ho when I told my friends about this, they said maybe luck is with me. So, I bought another Mega Toto ticket and 3 numbers are matched. I won RM3. Poor me, no big fortune for me. No matter what, knowing that there is little luck with me is good enough.

***Redsponge does not encouraging/promote gambling. Anyway, buying those tickets is legal for adults.


papercrazy said...


people says pregnant women are very lucky...

can give me numbers?? I wan to buy 6/52 mega. If i strike, I will buy a big present for cola ( 24 cartons of coca cola lol)

VampireM said...

yea, touch her tummy, and u will get some luck :P

I go Genting this weekend. Too bad can't touch touch a bit :P

Redsponge said...

papercrazy, LOL!!! Cola requests for better present! ur ages lor...i mean small bb nephew, big boy nephew, ah girl, u, malau and bro bear.

vampirem, nvm, will support u mentally! haha..then u must share share when u win jackpot!

papercrazy said...

ok....i buy the numbers but have to touch u lei to strike...

when u free to be touched??? kekekeke

Redsponge said...

papercrazy, u go touch touch ah girl's hand. She touched my tummy the other night! LOL