Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Party @ Winnie's House

Last Friday, we (ccw, sandbox, winnie and I) had lunch together. Since I have no planning for the long weekend, I suggested to them: "Let's have party at Winnie's house on this Sunday!!" And, there is no objection. We discussed the details of the party immediately.

The discussion is as short as this:
1. Winnie prepares the food! We shall divide and pay later.
2. Spaghetti is the main course.
3. Inform the rest: Ben, Boi, @pple & Patsda.
4. Party starts at 7pm. I told Winnie that I shall go over earlier to help out.
5. Inform @pple to bring the tea set for "kung fu tea" session.

I love this bunch of friends a lot. We can always count on everyone at anytime. LOL!

The party turned out to be a successful one as the host, Winnie, had done everything. She shopped, prepared and cook the food, later she washed and dried the dishes by herself too. She also paid for everything. Winnie, you are such a great host!

Cph, this is how we help you to take care of your gf.

HMM...I helped too.
That's the only task available by the time we reached her house. ;p


@pple said...

Winnie's spaghetti is ichiban!

IamDoryFish~ said...

aiyer...redsponge..u lazy never go help out earlier. :P

Redsponge said...

@pple, hope that she will cook for us again ;p

iamdoryfish~, hep...i got help to make the cheeses sauce ah! ;p