Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, My Dear Bulat

Today is Bulat's birthday. We celebrated it last Sunday night.

There is no party for him this year but somehow we have a few invited guests celebrating for him, namely my bro's ex-roommate in Singapore and his family who happened to travel to Kuching, my aunt and family who happened to come from Betong and another aunt who comes for a short visit.

Bulat's parents prepared the food. The parents also prepared a cake for him thoughtfully as we can still remember vividly that how happy Bulat was when the birthday song was played and the candle was lighten up. :)

This year, when we placed the drumstick and eggs in front of him, he grabbed the drumstick and tried to eat it.

There are a few little stories of the birthday boy that must be recorded:

1. On Saturday, my bro told Bulat this:
Bulat's Dad:"Bulat, this year papa din buy you any balloons. You want balloons?"
Bulat:*nod his head*
Bulat's Dad:"You want balloons har? We use Bulat's money to buy balloons, ok?"
Bulat:*shake his head* if he can understand it.

2. Bulat looked at the present in my hands.
Me:"This is for Bulat, can you carry it yourself?"
Bulat:*nod his head*
I gave it to him.
Bulat shook his head and said:"zhong" *means heavy
Me:"Give it to popo then."
Bulat quickly went to find popo and passed it to her.
Popo:"Who give this to Bulat?"
Bulat:"Peter peter!"
Popo:"and ku chang..."

I am quite surprise that he can say the word "zhong" without us telling him even though he is now very good at repeating the last word in our sentences.

3. My sil bought Bulat and the kids a party hat each. She distributed it to the kids, and Bulat snatched back the hat from a little girl, Rachel, who is 6 months older than Bulat. They fought for the hats. The little girl cried out first. We tried to persuade Bulat to give one to her, but somehow Bulat also cried.

4. Later that night, Rachel wanted to ride on Bulat's tricycle. Again, Bulat cried and made Rachel to get down from the tricycle. Then, Bulat quickly got up while Rachel crying pitifully. I think this is the problem with the only child at home?

5. That night, before Bulat slept, I had a little talk with him.
Bulat:"ku tang?"
Me:"Ku chang went home already."
Me:"BB wants to sleep already, like Bulat."
According to my mama and sil, he will ask about everyone before he falls asleep. Since he asked about BB, I continued the topic to see whether he will share his stuff with my BB in future.
Me:"Bulat, next time my BB sleeps in your cot, ok?"
Bulat:*nod his head*
Me: "Really? Then where you sleep?"
Bulat:"zhe li" *means here. *pointing at his parents' bed that he was lying on*
I thought he is willing to share his belongings with Cola at first. So, I continued asking him.
Me:"Then my BB next time sleep in Bulat's sarong downstair, ok?"
Bulat:"ngm moi, moi.." *means no in Hakka
I realised that he just prefered to sleep in his parents bed compare with his own cot. :(

Sil and I wonder will Bulat sayang Cola or not.


Zooropa said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Bulat!!! Sure he will love to play with ur baby next time. BTW,I've added u in my blogroll. Cheers...


IamDoryFish~ said...

redsponge! why bulat so so soooooooooo cute 1..he can understand so many things d! :) and im seeing him soon. scared he cannot recognise me la...u go sweet talk him and show my photo to bulat!hahah

Redsponge said...

zooropa aka Dora, keke...he will have no other choice...*evil grin* kekeke..Hey, thanks. :)

iamdoryfish~, no worry la! He always remember there is a jiejie ma!! mwhehee...mayb I should teach him to call you DORY ;p

Pink Cotton said...

hahaah bulat is 2 yrs old!!! gosh...

i m sure he will fight with cola nxt time...wahahaha ...ok la i dono 'x'

blog more abt kiddies ok?i like to read ...nxt time u can continue with cola's development...kekeke...

papercrazy said...

Times flies....happy 2nd birthday bulat!!

I love this kind of heavy cooking needed wan...Pizza...yum yum

What will cola call bulat next time?

papercrazy said...

I also can speak hakka, Ochipala....So, am I clever also??

VampireM said...

heh, bulat may be future bully :P

Selba said...

Time flies so fast...

Happy belated b'day to Bulat :)

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, fast ho? The first time u visited Bulat is still so fresh in memory ho??? Sure, next time, I will be telling you the stories between Bulat and Cola :)

papercrazy, ya, save a lot of work! Hmm... I think Cola calls Bulat as koko. Hmm..what your younger nephew call your older nephew???

Well, you are ochipala-ly clever!

vampirem, I think I should start to look into parenting field!

Redsponge said...

selba, thanks! 2 years pass by easily, Bulat is growing up day by day and we do getting older BUT wiser! =)