Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pacific Ink

The cost of buying both the original black and colour ink cartridges most of the time is equivalent to the price of buying a new printer. I am not saying that without any proof. The printer that I am using is Canon Pixma iP1880 which is about RM160 and the original black and colour cartridges are about RM150.

The worse thing is that it will not print even a single dot when either one of the cartridges is running out of ink. In order to cut down on the expenses, I always go for the refill kits or re-manufactured ink cartridges instead of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridge.

At, not only that you can find the wide ranges of original canon ink cartridges, epson ink cartridges and dell printer cartridges, but also the re-manufactured ink cartridges and also the refill kits. Comparing the prices of the re-manufactured ink cartridges and refill kits, they are much more cheaper than the original ink cartridges. However, I do face the problem of buying the re-manufactured ink cartridge that does not work on my printer. With the Hassle Free Guaranteed offer by, you can be rest assured of the followings:
  1. the price of products (excluding OEM cartridges) is lower than anywhere else. Otherwise, you will get refund 100% of the difference.
  2. the quality of the cartridges purchases from They will replace it right away or provide your money back within 65 days of your purchase, if you are not satisfied with it.
  3. the printer condition. If a licensed technician determines that a cartridge purchased from spoil your printer, they will reimburse you up to $100.

Not forget to mention also that offers free shipping if you sign up as member and purchase 2 or more cartridge in a single order.

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