Friday, May 16, 2008

I signed up for SocialSpark!

I know this is not new to some of you as I have already written a post on SocialSpark few days ago.

This time I am going to tell you in more details as I have learnt more of it. In SocialSpark, there are 3 types of opportunities available. First, it is the Sponsored Post. You can request for a slot for any opportunity that is "open" to you and you are "qualified" for and wait for SocialSpark reply. Upon approval of your request, you will have 12 hours to complete your post.

The second one is Blog Sponsorship. For this type of opportunities, you just need to request for a slot and wait for the advertisement to appear on your blog. That's how simple it is.

As for the last one, which is the Spark, is a kind of opportunity that you can take up to drive traffic to your blog as the rewards from it would be the advertiser blogs you back.

It is important to know the code of ethics by SocialSpark and follow them:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
Disclosure Badge placed at the end of each sponsored post that you write is to protect both you and the advertiser. This can avoid you from being accused being impropriate as your readers know that it is a paid post.

-100% Transparency
Within the SocialSpark marketplace, you can view any approved sponsored post by other bloggers. I think this is especially helpful for the newcomers (like me), they can learn from the approved post and improve on their own post. To the advertisers, they will definitely get better quality posts as the bloggers get to know what they want through the sample posts.

-100% Real Opinions
Well, SocialSpark allow you to say anything but you must be honest.

-100% Search Engine Friendly
This is good! The sponsored link in SocialSpark carried the "no-follow" attribute and it will not affect the search engine rankings of your blog. I am one of the victims as my google page rank drops from 2 to 0 after participating in one of the paid post program.

Visit SocialSpark website and start to earn money through your blog!

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