Sunday, May 25, 2008

14th July 2007, Guangzhou

When we were staying at Disneyland Hotel, we saw our neighbour ordering breakfast to room. We have never try that before. So, we ordered ours when we were at Guangzhou. KEKE..Not bad, wake up early in the morning and had breakfast while we are still in our pyjamas. ;p

The first destination of the day is Baiyun (White Cloud) Mountain. It is another big recreation park, or a botanical garden.

A lot of people doing exercise in the early morning. One of their favourite activites: shuttlecock kicking (踢毽子).

There is a legend of this Statue of Pearl Girl. But I am lazy to tell the stories here ;p In short, people come here to make wishes, touch the pearl on the forehead of the Pearl Girl and throw the red cloth on to the wishing tree. Then, your wishes will be granted.

It is not an attractive to tourist like me ;p We then went back to hotel. Lunch at Seattle Espresso Coffee Shop, a restaurant that serves western food nearby our hotel.
The food is just ok. I mean we can simply find a restaurant that serve better western food in Kuching. Anyway, I am thankful to this restaurant as I find that I have no appetite for the local food there.

Then, we spent the afternoon inside a shopping place where we found this sushi restaurant. Ah...the best meal I had in Guangzhou! ;p The sushi is definitely more delicious than Sushi King.

Man-Made Waterfall is one of the 8 great sights of Guangzhou. But I just have no idea why it is included, maybe it is the largest man-made waterfall there. As a tourist, I found that I was cheated to go there lo. Nothing special to see.
I think the building opposite the waterfall is even more interesting with the neon lights changing from time to time.
*shake head* Wasting our time and money to get there.

Continued shopping at Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street (北京路步行街). Along the street, you will see the surface of the road made by different dynasty.

We ended the day with a supper from Pizza Hut! Pizza with pork. *wink*

End of Day 11.


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