Monday, May 12, 2008

Skin care for Cola's mummy

Hee...I am always a lazy person when come to skin care.

HOWEVER, due to the recent breakouts, I have no other choices but to seek help from whoever I can reach to in order to help myself with the pimples and scars on my face. :(

Ya, *sniffed* I know and you know that pimples and scars are not strangers on my face. But I can feel the pain on my face, it is that serious, u know? 'x'!

I asked around for skin care products that specifically for acne-prone skin. Or2ng3s introduced this Dr. Renaud to me. She helped me to get the toner and anti-blemish gel. Thank god! The breakouts are now under control. I pray that it continues to work on me!

Come to think of it, I have never try any anti-blemish products to cure my skin problem so far. All that I am using are the whitening and anti-aging products instead. What is inside my head?

Anyway, everyone tells me that MASK helps too. So, I dig out the mask that I left at my mama's house and apply it every 3 days.

Together with the mask, I brought along the polishing scrub that bought long time ago but still nicely kept inside its box from my mama's place. I use it to scrub my body instead.

Also, not forgetting to apply the massage cream for stretch marks as I am moving into week 25. In fact, I bought 2 tubes of the massage cream at one go during the early stage of my pregnancy, but up till now, I have not even finish half of a tube of them 'x'!

Yes, I want cola to have a prettier mummy!


IamDoryFish~ said...

Alamak...poor skin..u did not even try to cure the pimples last time???! *HIT* *HIT*..anyway, it's not too late. Heard nana was using some antisceptic lotion and her breakouts were less! u can ask her as well. All the best, pretty Cola's mum

Pink Cotton said...

u using dr renaud now...

yalo so lazy!

don even wanto use acne skincare b4 kahwin...but now wanto be pretty for cola...tsk tsk tsk

wen said...

somehow, cola is more "lucky" than the daddy. coz, the mama wants to be pretty for cola and not for daddy. LOL.

Redsponge said...

iamdoryfish~, :( Yayaya...must cure it!

pink cotton, mwehehehe...cola has not meet me yet ma. So, well, hmm, FIRST IMPRESSION is very important! MWHEEHEHEHE!!!

wen, kekeke...Cola is my BB bo!!! 'x'