Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Cola's 27th week in ME

The visit to doctor is supposed to be a fun one but then this time what the doctor said made me worried for one day one night! I decided to leave my worries behind now.

During this month follow-up, I brought along the health card given by the government clinic as the doctor requested for it during our last visit.

Doctor was looking through my records when I was on the scale. He guessed that I am 63 or 64kg now, but the result showed that I am 64.7kg. He said:"WAH, u put on so much weight?" Mwehehe...I cant help it. ;p But doctor suggested me to have more vegie. "Doctor, I prefer to eat meat!" Come to think of it, it is so easy to put on weight when pregnant. I gain 2.5kg in a month, before this, it seems like I can eat a lot and only gain 1kg after months. Heheeh...let me just enjoy myself for putting on more weight for the coming 3 months.

When he scanned, he tried to locate Cola's head. At first, he thought Cola's head is on top. Then, he found that Cola's position is actually upside down inside my womb.

Doctor:"Hmm, the head is located quite low."
Doctor:"Very low."
I have no idea what does that mean but it certainly makes me worried.

Doctor:"Wah, the head is quite big!"
Does it mean that I will have problem when giving birth to the baby?

Doctor:"Your baby is not small, quite big actually! He is slightly overweight, 1.14kg."
Ooops, dear Cola, maybe we should re-consider to be on diet "together-gether".

Doctor:"Look at the baby's stomach, it is beautiful, isn't it?"
Hehe...the different between doctor and normal people like us, we do not know how to admire the beauty of the stomach. *bleks*

Doctor:"Good, the water is enough and the placenta is in good condition."

Doctor:"Come back again 3 weeks later, if there is anything, you come back a week before that." I am worried but maybe I just think too much. My colleague who is also pregnant told me that it is normal to visit the doctor more frequent when moving into 3rd trimester. ;p

p/s: I started to feel Cola's weight about 2 weeks ago. It is not easy for me to bend forward now. At night, when I lie in the bed, I can feel the backpain. Also, I notice that my feet are swelling, but it does not happen everyday.


papercrazy said...

Hello....dun worry lah....i think most expected mothers put on weight wan....daddies will put on weight during mummies' confinement

My colleague last time also put on weight (more than you I think) and the doc asked her to go on a diet...

VampireM said...

time to train leg muscles/lose leg fat :P

adipos said...

baby head down is good mah... progessing very well indeed haha!

IamDoryFish~ said...

good good!! i don't think you put on alot sister even more! :P, but u and cola need to control more vege..kakaka..and i'll help u to eat more meat!! wuahahahaha

Redsponge said...

papercrazy, hmm...i am wondering why the doctor said the head is very low. hmm...

vampirem, okla..maybe after Aug, I will do more research on losing weight. lol

adipos, I will listen to you guys. Everything is going on very well!

iamdoryfish~, hahaha, naughty la you! But I will try to take more vege. :)

f3l said...

Dont Worry!... Everything will be fine!... hehehe... be Happy cannot worry too much... :-)

Redsponge said...

f3l, I cant help it, I just think the doctor is giving negative comment.

helen said...

My humble opinion after reading yr post MIGHT not be in position to do exercise like how 3rd trimester preggo can do to prepare themselves for daily walking/light swimming since doc said your baby's head is very low. Again, my humble opinion is you can do some light stretching/yoga and practise breathing at home on an exercise mat or anything underneath so that you can sit comfortably. Practise pelvic floor exercise is good. ^_^ But, really dont put yourself in worries and stress cuz it will affect the baby and to some extreme side, bb can come to the world prematurely if mom is stressing out. To not to gain too much weight when you can't exercise much, eat less meat (hehe..u really need to control this part) and load up on vege and fruits (fibre to help constipation ^_^). Hopefully, they help and i am sure Cola is a pretty happy boy in there too. Dont worry ^^