Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 36

Hi baby Cola,
We have gone through this far! Hope you enjoy the journey so far! =)


Surprisingly, doctor told us that baby Cola's legs are long. 'x'

And he is 2.63 kg! Doctor estimates that he will be around 3kg when born.

CCW asked the doctor when he estimates baby Cola will come out and the doctor asked him back:"Why? You want 080808 to be his birthday?" Then, he started to count on the date "seriously". He said:"I am not sure unless you opt for caesarean section. Or maybe we can try to induce your baby on the 7th! You want to try?!"

Me: @@! Just for the date?!
Doctor: Ya, so that you can remember it easily. True. *pointing at his children's photo* My youngest son is born on 050505. So easy to remember, right?
Me: You purposely do that?! I mean induce the baby or c-sect.
Doctor: *shake his head*
Me: Phew~

Anyway, I have put on another kg, 67.1kg now. Ccw told me it is ok as baby Cola and me share half a kg each. -.-"

Throughout the pregnancy, I did not consume the vitamin and supplement pills as prescribed by the doctor. I really dislike to take pills except for Panadol that can help me to get rid of my headache in half an hour time. So, I told the doctor that I was actually taking the vitamin he gives me every alternative day. He was quite shocked and told me to take it everyday and starting next week, I should take 2 tablets per day. He told me that I will lose a lot of blood during the delivery! So, it is important for me to take the supplement.

Hee...blood, I feel weak! 'x'!!


13th Panda said...

soon i will meet COLA!!

Eryn said...

Cola. What a cute name. ^_^

Safe delivery to Cola's Mumi. =)

or2ng3s said...

it's very lovely to read about cola's progress. 加油咯可乐妈妈!

Redsponge said...

13th panda, kekee, let you do the jumping, I cant jump yet! ;p

eryn, HEY! I did not know you blogged too! I will link you! AND BIG THANKS TO YOU! :)

or2ng3s, 可乐, I lap! Ya, next time, you will find it amazing to look at your bb's progress through the ultrasound scan too! 'x'

Eryn said...

Hehe. I started reading your blog when I see Vampire reading. LOL. Then I got follow your updates from time to time. Just didn't comment nia. Keke. =P

Wanna wish you before you go to labour ma. =P

Remember to capture pics of vampire carrying Cola (if you let him) when he's back in KCH! And send me. Keke.

Redsponge said...

eryn, thanks! Sure, I will take photo of him and cola for you to see! ;p

Zooropa said...

You didn't take those vitamins since you found you're preggie?...Those are very important for baby's growth but anyway, u r about to give birth. I'm excited too to see ur baby boy soon!


Redsponge said...

zooropa, i do take the pills but not everyday! Ya, u just remind me to take one for today! thanks!

Pink Cotton said...

hehehe..cola is coming very very soon :)

don 4get the feet pictures...i think i can my flash in time for that one 'x'

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, *ahem* you forgot the pantang? Ask my mil's permission first ;p