Monday, July 07, 2008

Starzbites Sausage Pizza

We were there to try out this new pizza on Sunday afternoon.

Eight of us: KC, Ben, winnie, boi, sandbox, @pple, ccw and I.

We got to play this spin and win game. Boi was appointed to spin. She was trying to cheat by moving the arrow pointing to the dish that she likes! But the waitress did not allow her to do so and insisted her to spin it. So, she spinned and told the waitress that it was a trial so that she could get a second spin! LOL! The waitress was quite impatient.

Anyway, she managed to win a glass of Pepsi!

So, guess who are the 2 tam ciak kui?

Baby Cola: Winnie ee ee, use a fork la!

Met Puan Chong (our secondary school teacher) at Pizza Hut. Her daughter was celebrating her birthday with friends.

Look at the lovely barbie birthday cake that she got!

Cola's mummy to Cola's daddy: I wonder what cake your son will order next time! Hmm...


Chen said...

Cola will order a Cola Cake in the future?

Redsponge said...

chen, yaho...kekeke that would be quite simple. Give him a coca cola 1 litre bottle cake! HAHAHAH