Sunday, July 06, 2008

1st Wedding Anniversary

I celebrated the anniversary with itchy blisters on my fingers and toes. Even though it itches once or twice in a day but the itchiness is unbearable! It is worse than headache! According to the pharmacist, the blisters on my fingers and toes are caused by hormone, which means it is related to pregnancy. :(

Anyway, the rashes on my belly is gone now. My fingers are recovering but my toes are still itchy. But I do feel much much MUCH better now. Phew~~

Back to the anniversary. I feel bad lor, but I really did not have any mood to celebrate it while I was not in a good condition. We just had dinner outside and that's it. 'X'!

However, let me share my thoughts with you all. This is something I wrote last year before I waved goodbye to my singlehood:


Wedding is just a day of show to me. Marriage is the life-long "responsibility".

If life is a book, marriage would be a new chapter in it and wedding would be the decoration page of the chapter.

I believe a good start would make the following pages to be more interesting.

The definition of the good start could be varied from each individual. To me, a wedding should be blessed with everyone who cares about us and also whom we care about. Thus, the page must be filled with the joy of everyone instead of the 2 of us only.

We were quite lucky as given quite a lot of space in organizing the wedding. Parents do let us have our way in certain things and friends always give supports for us in doing everything. The effort of everybody helping us in filling up the page make me feel that we are so much loved and blessed by them.


I wanted to post it up in my blog but I got no time for it before the wedding.

However, I am glad that I still feel the same way after a year.

To all my dear relatives and friends out there, I might have forgotten to mention this last year, but I would do it now:
Thank you all for turning out on our big day and made it a happy, enjoyable and unforgettable day in our lives. Without you, the wedding won't be a complete one.

Love still goes on. :)


adipos said...

I like this post!

Chen said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary.
Wishing u many happy returns :)

Err, your wedding anniversary quite near mine, hoh? :)

Redsponge said...

Thanks to both of you :)

IamDoryFish~ said...

I am so touched!!!

Pink Winnie said...

kakaka.. u r welcome.. very ggod explanation on marriage.. i agree..