Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hollywood Love

I remember that towards the ending of the movie "What happens in Vegas", when Jack Fuller found Joy McNally by the beach, he asked her:"Will you married me again?" Joy replied:"Being with you make me be myself again..." I think that line would really work in courtship.

There is this online video game called "Ultimate Flirting Championship" by Extreme Style by VO5 where you can try out the memorable lines to see whether they work or not. There will be 3 players in the game, a guy, a girl and a judge. If you are playing the role of the guy or girl, you would have to use all the classic lines that you can remember to flirt and the judge will do the rating!

By the way, while you are playing this game at Victory Hair website, you might get the chance to meet your Mr. Right or Ms. Right, as you can chat while playing the game.

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