Thursday, July 24, 2008

Budget trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK) - Day 1

* This is a backdated post. When? Sometimes in October 2007! Well, it was too long ago that I have forgotten the exact date! ;p *

The trip is unexpected. It is initiated by CCW as CPH and KC are shifted to KK temporarily. Everyone agreed to fly IF there is any low fare offered. Then, CCW told me that Airasia offered cheap ticket, to and fro for RM127. Thus, I forced everyone to fly. I bought the tickets for sandbox, @pple, winnie, ccw and myself.


Flight from Kuching to KK is supposed to take off at 9:00pm. Due to some kind of traffic jam at Kuching International Airport (keng le, as if KIA is a busy aiport ;p), our flight was delayed. We reached KK International Airport at 11:10pm.

CPH was already waiting eagerly for us Winnie at the airport. For the first time, we arrived at a airport besides from KIA with someone awaiting for us. The feeling is so warm. It would be great IF AND ONLY IF CPH can pick up everyone and not Winnie alone. ;p


Sandbox, @pple, ccw and I took a cab to Akinabalu Youth Hostel. I was very keen to find out how does a backpacker hostel look like.

The sharing place where you can watch tv, online and so on.
The bathroom and toilet are clean.

The bedroom. We need to spread the bedsheet ourselves. Sarung is provided as blanket.
The iron double-decker bed makes me step backward! The bed is noisy! :(

CPH brought us to Upper Star for supper. No photo to show you. I was quite tired as the clock ticking to 12midnight already.

We ended the day immediately after finishing the food we ordered.

End of Day 1 in KK.

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