Friday, July 18, 2008

Bulat & TU-TU

I have been spending my time with Bulat for the last few days and I want to record every bit of the sweet memories into my blog.

In the morning, Bulat will follow me from a room to another and accompany to wash face, brush teeth, dress up. Once, he touched on my dress and said: "mei mei (pretty)." Sweet! Then, he will carry my handbag and we walked down the staircases together. He loves my bag all the time, no one knows what is the reason. Then, we will have breakfast together.

In the afternoon, he will ask me to have lunch by saying:"fan fan (rice)". Then sometimes, he will ask me to sit and watch him while he is drinking milk.

In the evening, he will be shouting and jumping in excitement when he sees me reaching home. If he heard that we talk about anything going out, he will start to asking to go "tai tai (going out)". He will be talking loudly and happily in his own language if I am driving him out in my car.

Whenever I tried to hide from him and he could not find me, he would shout out loudly for "TU-TU (auntie)".

However, I do not know why when talk about him, I will first think of him being a good and sweet boy. In fact, he is a very naughty boy most of the time that make me shout and scold at him! ~,,~


Pink Cotton said...

hahaha you are a sweet tu tu and bulat is a sweet nephew :)

he is so grown up now huh?
i think he misses the time when u still stay together with him lor..kesian 'x'

when cola come out u even less time spent with him lor

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, hee..guess why i wan to hide from him?! Cos i cant online if he is around, he will sit on my lap and tekan tekan on the notebook too! -.-"

Ya, he is now big big boy. Learning to speak in sentence already.

I hope he and cola can get along well. LOL!

Pinky_piglet said...

miss him alot, quite long time din see him le.
i think to play with him, but he always run away le, i look so kong bu meh?? sad sad

Redsponge said...

Cos he dunno you can play with him yet ma! keke...