Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bling Gnome

Bling Gnome is the magical character in the online video game "Dungeon Runners". Why is it magical? If you play RPG game, you shall know that each player normally has a limit on the items they are carrying with them. Due to this reason, player sometimes is forced to drop / give away some of the items in order to carry other more useful items. With this bling gnome, player can get him to carry any unwanted items and they will give you gold by doing golden squat. Player does not need to bring the items all the way to the shop to trade in in order to get gold.

With my imagination, I have created my own bling gnome.

To make my gnome look cool, I give it a pair of sunglasses and help it to put on the shirt with a dragon sew onto it. I also decorate it with a big gold medal around in front to make it bling.

In fact, there is a gold earring on the left ear too!

Now, if you are interested to play the online video game, please visit You can download the free game, or purchase a subscription for yourself.

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