Saturday, April 01, 2006

Taman Sahabat

I am not sure whether there is an english name for this park. The direct translation would be Friendship Park.

One of my jimuis has came back for holidays from oversea. I spent half a day with her today.

Went to fetch her at ard 9:40am. Once she jumped into the car, I asked her where would she want to go before lunch. Immediately she said: TAMAN SAHABAT! Without much thinking, I just drove to Taman Sahabat. She told me that she had been there one night but the photos taken are not clear. So she wanted to re-visit the place to take some nice photos in the day light. By the way, she likes to take alot of pictures and publishes them in her friendster.

When we reached there, the sun is SOOO BRIGHT! But luckily she got bring an umbrella along. But still very hot!

Later, when we met up with another jimui during lunch, she asked where we had been to. Oversea jimui told her that:

"We went to Taman Sahabat because we are friends ma!"

Me: =)

And the other jimui told me:

"Aduh!! Only you will bring her to the park during day time! It is so hot la! She asked me to bring her there the other day, but I rejected her and told her that she is siao!"

Me: =(

Yeah, I am good girl. But ler, the two of us still accompanied her to the beach in the afternoon!!! Hee...we 2 relaxed at Damai Lagoon's Lobby while she dragged another poor girl to walk around and take photos for her!!! HAHAHA....

Hey babe, if you are reading this, just want to tell you that am GLAD to have the chance to catch up with you again!! And you are still the same old YOU!

p.s.: OMG, my mama told me that the BRIDGE where we stoppped at to take photos for a while is actually not ok already! She read up from the newspaper recently saying that bridge is started to crack. I am not sure what does that means, but just thank god we are all back!


Esther said...

How come my friends so 'sio chia'? It's ok to be under the sun for a while as long as it's not long hours without protection.

But anyway, maybe after that bride to be become Mrs Kiew, she won't be afraid to have darker skin? Haha.

As for Ah Pi, i think your skin colour still look about the same as last time. I can still tell you are Orang Cina la.

But overall, I had a good day out with you all. It is great to know that we can talk like last time even after so many years apart!! Isn't that great news? =)

Take care and keep in touch always...

Red Sponge said...

Hahaha...we are always goody good friends ma! =)

Sayang you are back for a week only.

Anyway, if next time when you are back, we talk tru phone better. Cos we share more in phone as we use to that last time! ;p