Thursday, April 20, 2006


It is earphone.

I seldom use earphone before i work.

Once, I had a discman given by my koko. I brought that to hostel with me. After a few weeks, the discman was stolen and left only the earphone with me. So, I only had few weeks experience using earphone. I don't like earphone because it makes my ears ache after wearing for a while. Usually I will only wear one side so that each ear can take turn to suffer.

Then after a few years, when started to work, I brought the old earphone to work. The old earphone was then only functioning one side. It is ok for me, I just need one side anyway.
After a while, the old earphone finally die. I think it is good also la, my ears no need to suffer from the pain.

I cant tahan the soundless environment, so I decided to get a cheap earphone which costs RM1.80. Hee since it is a cheap one, once I bought back and try for a few minutes, one side is not working already!!! LOL

Again, one side is enough for me.

Then, yesterday, I threw the earphone into the dustbin liao. GOOD! 'x'
I told my bf about it and he gave his to me. WAH when I put on both sides, the sound started to tickle my heart!!!

The music is playing around my head. The drum is always hit on top of my head. It is so funny. I think my eyes are dancing with the music. KEKEKE

Well, I know this entry make myself sounds like a mushroom. Hee, but only if you understand the feeling or maybe you can recall the first time when you put on your earphone, then you will understand.

Anyway, I still dun like earphone! My ears sakit.

No headphone for me too. I feel very hot whenever putting on the headphone.

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Pink Cotton said...

HM why always rosak one side ho? are you sure its ur earphone rosak and not ur ear?? 'x'