Sunday, April 09, 2006

Crayon Shin Chan 蜡笔小新

动感超人 HO! HO! HO!

I bought a stationary which serves as both stencil & ruler from KFC. KFC?!! My bf actually wanted to eat KFC coleslaw while I spotted the free crayon shin chan's stationary that comes with the value fun meal (kiddo meal).


Here my new stationary and my little Crayon Shin Chan drawing.

Hee...i always feel like to "pull" little shin chan's cheek (like how his mom always did in the cartoon show). He is very cute, right? 'x'

Few years back, my bro bought 3 little funny shin chan's toys from china.

It is a toy and not just a ceramic crayon shin chan. WHY??!

Because it can pee 'x'!!! fun!! How to make it shh shh? We must know how to produce urine first. LOL!! So just let the ceramic shin chan drink alot alot of water. Technically, how can you get the output without input?

Three simple steps:
1. Put it into the water for a few minutes.
2. Take it out from the water.
3. Pour HOT water onto the ceramic shin chan, and it will...'x'

I think you can find the ceramic shin chan in Kuching, my bf happened to buy one somewhere here.


13th Panda said...

EEEE..sin cham..i have a shin chan galss bottle as well..but i broke it..*sob*

Pink Cotton said...

excuse me,can u pls ask ur shin chan not to shee2 here n there..

Red Sponge said...

hee abit regret to show it here. I should demo to the 2 of you and let shin chan shh shh u 2 LOL!!

Anonymous said...

wah lao....
shh shh on red spinge website....
nanti banjir...


Red Sponge said...

welcome salipi!!!

Ashish said...

Hi Redsponge,

I want to buy a shinchan toy for my kid, who won't let me sleep till i buy him a brand new shinchan.
could you please tell me how can i order it online.
fyi : i live in india

Thanks in advance,

Redsponge said...

Hi ashish, I tried to google it and found the following:

Hope it helps!