Friday, April 14, 2006


Have been to alot of places today.

Early in the morning, we went to Taman Sahabat and had dim sum there.


Then, we headed to UNIMAS -- New campus. WOW HOHOHO... THE NEW CAMPUS IS

@pple: Its design is futuristic.
sandbox (who is driving): I am lost!
ccw: there should be a tour guide...
redsponge: SO BIG MEH?!?!!?!!!

Envy the new students! ~,,~ It is so unfair!!!
Can you imagine this is where the students study? It is just like a shopping place, right??! Btw, did you notice some words on the floor? I think the hidden message is: READ WHEN YOU WALK!

Another piece of art on the floor that we found!

LOOK who is holding the umbrella for you when you are studying in the library???
Ya, that is how the ceiling looks like inside the library.

The buildings are mostly painted in white colour. But you might find some parts of the buildings painted in yellow, blue or red which represented UNIMAS.


Went to 海滨 (hai bin) restaurant at somewhere between buntal and santubong for dinner in the evening.


*yawning + stretching*

Good Night!!

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