Wednesday, April 16, 2008

投名状 @ The Warlords

27th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 13th April 2008. The Warlords was the big winner. I actually watched this movie already but haven't post anything after watching as I only managed to watch 40% of it due to the cruelty and bloody scenes that forced me to cover up my eyes most of the time.

Basically, the combination of Andy Lau + Jet Li in a movie is just NOT RIGHT to me. I love Andy Lau, but I hate Jet Li in movie. Movie starred by Jet Li is definitely violent one. However, in life, I support his 1 foundation project. =)

Before watching the movie, ccw told me how much Jet Li got paid in this movie, it is RMB100 million and broke the record as the highest earning actor in a chinese-language film. Indirectly, ccw was trying to hint me that Jet Li would be the main actor but not Andy Lau.

The movie is about wars and war is cruel, cruEL, CRUEL! The cruelest part in the movie that I can remember is when Qing Yun (Jet Li) decided to execute all the captured soldiers in Suzhou after the Suzhou ruler surrended to Er Hu (Andy Lau) with one condition which is to free all the soldiers in the city.

The situation that time was both Qing Yun's troop and Suzhou people were suffering as both had no food supplies as the war last for a year long.

Er Hu thought he should get into Suzhou to negotiate with the ruler While the ruler had already decided to surrender as he was not willing to see his people continued suffering.

Er Hu was moved by the Suzhou ruler and agreed that he would set Suzhou soldiers free.

However, Qing Yun did not agree with Er Hu. Reason 1: they themselves were facing shortage of food supplies. Reason 2: There is always the risk where Suzhou soldiers might attack them one day.

And, the Suzhou soldiers were trapped in an opening area and killed by the arrows shot by tearing Qing's troop. If it were the Qing's troop to surrender, the position of both side soldiers would have changed where Qing's troop would be the one being killed. Cruel or not?!

Lives, why are they so worthless during the war time?


Because of the promise made, Er Hu lived the remaining days in his life haunted by Suzhou souls.

*blink blink*

Heart aches.

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VampireM said...

this show not nice ler...
not enough fighting... talk too much.

Redsponge said...

vampirem, yer...WAR already la..still not enough fighting meh? *faint* Yala, i agree that Jet Li does not have chance to show off his kung fu in this movie lo. But I think overall, the movie is GOOD ler. Much much much better than Three Kingdom, u know? I was so tired after watching that movie, haha!

Melvi said...

not enough kungfu nvm, cos is war movie.

war movies need more strategy & planning.

3 Kingdom which movie? i'm waiting for battle of the red cliff.

if want talking type of movie, i like Hero, the one featuring Jet Li. that one nicer plot.

Redsponge said...

Hi melvi, ooo maybe this movie focus mainly on the cruelty of war.

I am referring to Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of The Dragon. Not nice ;p

So far, I think the battle of wits is a nice one! ^_^