Thursday, April 17, 2008

11th July 2007, Shenzhen

Breakfast at the tallest rotating restaurant in China which located on the 49th floor of International Trade Center, Shenzhen.
There is a wide variety of dim sum. While eating dim sum, you can enjoy the views.
Deng Xiaoping was there in 1992, Redsponge was there in 2007 too. :)

We went to shopping after that. Found a coffee house which attracted me very much. I love coffee so much, and you can imagine how much I miss coffee after drinking tea for 2 to 3 days continuously. We headed in and relaxed.

The next destination was Spendid China & Chinese Folk Culture Village.
Well, the 2 parks are linked together.

At Splendid China, you will see the miniature of the famous places in China.

At Chinese Folk Culture Village, you just get to see the culture in China. ;p

Example: You will see lazy cow / buffalo? Oops...cow or buffalo? 傻傻分不清楚! haha

Pretty donkey


Kekeke...Hercules..;p I urged ccw to try the game with the following reasons:
1. The tiny old uncle (50-60 years old) can score a very high point.
2. I used to think ccw is powerful.

But the results turned out to be: ccw lost to the old uncle. 'x'!

Horse show.
A nice show! You get to see how they played tricks on the horse back.

At night, we had dinner at seafood street.
We chose this restaurant.
We can eat a lot. :)

When walking along the street, we noticed the big lychees (ccw's big palm can only hold up to 3 lychees). We bought some to try and they were juicy and sweet.

End of Day 8.


Pink Cotton said...

hee the guy with koyok looks familiar 'x'

Redsponge said...

shhh! He does not know yet! 'x'

Maybe, one day, Cola might be the one who tells him this little secret! Haha