Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mickey Mouse Standing jibbitz

Mickey Mouse Standing

First purchase:
I bought this Mickey Mouse jibbitz in Hongkong last year but then I lost it before coming back to Kuching. It should be somewhere in Zhuhai.

After that, I tried to look for it at places with the helps from others including:
1. Papercrazy who helped to look out in KL.
2. CCW tried to search for it in Singapore.
3. Sold out at Online shop - http://www1.jibbitz.com/

But the searching was to no avail.

Second purchase:
We went back to the shop in Hongkong this year and bought it. Sadly, it is lost the next day in Shenzhen. Worse of all, I lost another heart shape jibbitz few days later in Macau. As to compare to ccw who had both his Mickey Mouse's face (second purchase too) and glove lost during the trip, I am luckier. HAHA!

Third purchase:
We saw Crocs shop at Gurney Mall, Penang. Surprisingly, we found the Mickey Mouse there! And before I ever lose it again, I told ccw to take photo of it first. I wont make the fourth purchase if I ever lose it again.

My pair of crocs are happy again.

Say bye to the followings:

Mickey Mouse Face
Mickey's glove


Mr. Goober said...

did you try looking for them at parkson in spring?? i saw bunch of them :P

Pink Cotton said...


u so wu xim stil go n rebuy for wat?

i lost one already xim thia take off all of em...told u disney crocs not compatible with jibbitz woh

Pink Cotton said...

ur croc still so clean =)

Chev said...

Gurney Plaza is so near by my place !

yeah loh..
how come yr croc so clean geh? :P

Redsponge said...

mr. goober, got got, but cant find it too. tsk tsk tsk..u 2 memang spring's biggest fans.

pink cotton, hehehe...that mickey is very pretty ma 'x'! hmm..tu said wont buy anymore lor. Clean ah? got polish wan ah ;p

chev, hehehe...dun be like that ler...kuai kuai. Btw, I also found a nice place at Gurney, the winter warmers, next time we pei pei go there, k?!

papercrazy said...

u really so mickey and jibbitz fan hor??? Good, good, perseverance

Yr crocs really very clean....that's why, always safe to buy anythiong BLACK...

Redsponge said...

papercrazy, yala...u think i just say say only meh? 'x'

adipos said...

Grrr.. I bring him go buy and u lose some more?


Redsponge said...

adipos, no no...the one he bought from spore is minnie's face and mickey's glove. I still hav the minnie's face with me *wink*