Tuesday, April 29, 2008

End of Week 22

*blink blink*

Last night, we went to do the monthly check-up. It is the same routine, same feedback from doctor. Let me recall back, see anything is different from the previous visits.

Ah, this time there is the urine test and the result is normal.

Ah, this month I gain 1.8kg! HAHA!! I am 62.3kg now. :) Scary! With this progress, I can reach 70kg before due lo. How long does it take to lose 15kg-20kg?!! I have no experience in losing even 1 kilogram yet. :(

Ah, the scan is blur and can only see Cola's body part by part instead of the whole body now. The head is round, the stomach is also round. Not much to be seen this time.

Ah, the doctor measured Cola's stomach size which later he told me that Cola's slightly overweight and we need to monitor the size of the round tummy. :) Cola's weight is 550g. :) Cola is just like the parents, loves to eat! *giggle*

Ah, overall the doctor only give me a "GOOD".

Ah, the doctor said the gender not yet change, still a boy. That's how we were told. -.-" Anyway, I am not that eager to know it now because I will let Cola to tell me in August.

p/s: I am grateful that I still feel like myself and do not feel the burden yet. :)


IamDoryFish~ said...

u got a GOOD, grade A from doctor again eh :)
kekeke, need to monitor cola's weight lo then

helen said...

u'r like 10 weeks ahead of me...ehehe. Glad to know everything is fine. Mine is so far so good and in a month's time, we'll get to find out the gender. I'm not very keen with gender since boy/girl is fine for me as long as baby is healthy and bouncing happily in there. Have u feel any quickening yet?

Dont fret of gaining weights since most weights u have gained now are for the fats and liquid that are going to come off from you after delivery. ^^

Pink Cotton said...

hehe so heavy ah???
don 4get to pump your car tyre always...hahaahah jk jk

*run quickly*

this one don tell ur koko ok? 'x'

zeroimpact said...

Round is good
Wish both cola, cola's mum and everyone good and continue eating

papercrazy said...

like parents like baby.....very cute

I am sure cola will be round and chubby and cute like Bulat...

this PC, ask u to pump yr car tyre pulak

wen said...

can't wait for another 3 months + to see how round is cola....

Redsponge said...

iamdoryfish~, yalo...were told when moving into the 3rd trimester, the fetus will grow faster. ;p

helen, i got record down my monthly cola's progress in this blog, if you are interested, here is the link: http://redsponge.blogspot.com/search/label/Baby%20Cola.
Yeap, i feel the quickening in week 20 :) A wonderful moment ;p Thanks for you words!! :)

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, hmmm...cola says want to sit sit in ur car :) ;p

zeroimpact, round is good but better dun be overweight la haha.

papercrazy, kekekeke...bulat is big boy dy.

wen, yaya..must keep fit now. so that can deliver smoothly. haha