Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sore throat

My throat was burning yesterday morning. I have sore throat. No coughing, flu, fever, diarrhea, just sore throat. I need to see a doctor. However, I am not too sure how a doctor can help.

I had 2 strepsils every 2 hours in the morning and drank lot of water until I had to run to the toilet every half an hour.

Went to see a doctor after lunch and got myself 2 bags of tablets plus 1 bottle of syrup. :(

Big tablets and bitter syrup, arghh! But I am much better after taking the medicine yesterday.

This morning, after taking the medicines, I became sleepy...super sleepy!!! Read through the piece of information come with the bottle of syrup, the most common side effects are drowsiness and dizziness and etc.

I guess my throat is alright already, just that I start to sneeze.



VampireM said...

testing... how come i see the entry date as December 13?

zeroimpact said...

Me too and cannot see from the main page
Take care and rest more
weekend is almost here

Redsponge said...

vampirem, trust ur eyes! ;p

zeroimpact, actually it was an old post which i din publish. Then I am sick again now, so I look through the drafts last night and check when was the last time I got a sore throat ma, after reading it, I decided to publish it. Hahaha...thought no one would notice it. Forgot the rss subscribers pulak!