Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On A Half-Day Leave

I took a half-day leave today. Planned to go for dentist, visit bank, and enjoy myself at home, but mama also applied for a half-day leave after knowing me on leave. She went to see doctor and asked me to look after bulat. :( My hard earn half-day unrecorded leave GONE!

Bulat is enjoying himself with my accompanion today. How do I know he is? Hmm...well, he has to be! LOL!
I let him rolling himself on the floor, I mean on the mattress, of course. Guess this is the first time he play on the floor.
I let him taste the guava! He does not like it though!
I bathed him for the very first time! Mama's hand is hurt, so I got the chance to bath him. Erm, if you can imagine how the hands work like legs, that is how it is like.
So, you see, dont you agree bulat has a wonderful day with me?!!
Later, when both papa is doing gardening works and mama is building the shelter for her orchid, I put bulat into his trolley. I bring him around the car porch and show him how his grandparents work for the plants. Oh, bulat has a really busy day, watching the grandparents climbing up and down while his kuku laughing and shouting without offering any help.

Hee...and I cook a dish tonight. YES, I COOK! I named the dish GOLDEN PRAWN. I got the recipe from the TV programme. I told my mama and she got me all the ingredients that I need. I know you wont believe that I am actually COOKING a dish, so i took photos while preparing it. Very simple.

Some prawns:

Some salted-eggs:

Take only the egg yolk. Steam the egg yolk. Mash them.

Finally, some butter:

Since it is still early after preparing the ingredients, I take some photos for my new babe, given by pink cotton! She is so sweet! muacks! I hope the plant wont wither as pc has put them inside the car for hours under the big sun! ;p

I love it.

Hee...finally, it is time to cook! First, throw the butter in. Next, throw the mashed-salted-egg in. Finally, throw the prawns in and cook until the prawns turn red.


There is no photo to show you all the steps because I am cooking ma!

Anyway, let me present the GOLDEN PRAWNS to you now!


Me: I think I have missed out some steps. ROF! However, how do I know how it is suppose to taste like? The TV programme did not tell ma! ;p
SIL: You have put too much butter! But, not bad la!
ccw: Not bad le! I eat alot, you see! (hehehe...he is forced to have dinner at my place)
Bro: Taste 0%, look 0%, healthiness 0%! Just pass with a plate of COOKED dish!
Papa: ... (as usual, he is not dare to eat what I cooked! ROF!)
Mama: EH, not bad ler, the taste is good! (OMG! My mama said it is good! Even my bro has to take another one and try again!!! LOL!!!)

I think I can cook better next time as I know how much I should put for each ingredient instead of putting some of each! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!


Pink Cotton said...

actually LOOKS not bad leh...nto sure abt the taste~!!

ok i try to cook it hmmmmmmm on new yrs eve??mwehehehe

WAH!!! plant!!!..the leaves open so big liao!..WOOHOOO luckily ah~~

Redsponge said...

HOI! Hee..the taste is slightly too heavy (well, too much of the egg yolk and butter!) shud try and chia me eat! ;p

Got so fast meh? She is gorgeous!

papercrazy said...

Looked so yummy....and I bet it tasted good too..

Well done Redsponge...

Chen said...

looks yummy leh :D