Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boring Weekend

Boring Saturday + Boring Sunday = Boring weekend

Weather is hot.

I wanted to go shopping but did not know who to find.

So ended up online surfing, chatting and reading blogs for 2 days. Abit fed up with internet already. Maybe that is good too because I do not have to spend my internet usage (limited internet usage at office) on blogs too much for the following days.

But ho...just before the day is gone, I got this delivery from my bf. It brightened up my Sunday! ^_^ do not know what it is ler?! It is the tiramisu made by his auntie. ^_^

HmMmMm...the white part taste like yogurt and the black part is the coffee flavour.

Feel like to learn to make cheese cake after eating the home made tiramisu. Say only la...


Mr.Goober said...

remember to give some to the rest of the bloggers..especially me :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

tiramisu + cheese cake

Red Sponge said...

Just say only le...

Pink Cotton said...

HMMMM nice =)

i like the white white part...looks like uncooked cake batter..

at first i tot u r baking a cake and took a pic of the cake b4 being baked...WAHAHAAHA

din manage to find a shopping partner?!!??*cough cough*ME LE??? =)))

Selba said...

Whoaaaaa... you are a lucky gal!!! Got a really have a very nice bf and he has a nice auntie who can bake tiramisu :)

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Then no boring weekend liao
It's sweet weekend liao
Looking at that makes me hungry already
You're a lucky girl

Chen said...

i prefer boring weekends than busy weekends :D

Pinky_piglet said...

ah jie, can i have 1??hehehe...

or2ng3s said...

Ooo, u du song lar, got tiramisu to spice up ur sunday!!!~ I want tiramisu too!!

sILv3r BelLs said...

yummy!!... redsponge why didnt ask me go your house taste it out... :-p

So special de tiramisu!!~~

Red Sponge said...

pinkcotton, boohooohooo U dun wan to go out with me tonight!! ENG eng liao!!! I tell his auntie u said that it looks like uncooked one! ;p

selba, *blushed* Ok! Will try to treat her back! =)

zeroimpact, nod nod...when ur sampan will reach sarawak river?]

chen, I think u hav an interesting weekend eh! ~,,~

pinky_piglet, kekeke...can if i learn to make...haha

or2ng3s, uh oh, u r the one that can make tiramisu bo, how?

silv3r bells, erm erm i sendiri pun dunno i will get a cute tiramisu ma. When I know liao, the tiramisu is just like this: now u see, now u dun bo! hahaha

Winn said... bahagia.....

y u din take out the cake from the baking pan ge?

Pink Winnie said...

hehe.. my happy biao jie..

papercrazy said...

Waiseh...the aunty so clever ah??? Why I don't have aunty like dat???

Tiramisu is not easy to make oh, so must give aunty the compliment... Also, after eating, don't forget to return her the cup ah....

zeroimpact said...

Soon soon
Dayung very kuat now

Red Sponge said...

winn, that is not baking pan is the cup only.

pink winnie, haha

papercrazy, hahahaha return the cup so that can have another tiramisu kar??

zeroimpact, ok ok!! Steve Irwin will protect u from the crocodiles! ;p