Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Proud of my son's achievement

My son finally decided to be more independent. Few nights ago, I forced him to hold his own bottle while drinking milk. Surprisingly he held it by himself firmly!

I was so happy and almost have tears in eyes. ROF!

I have been waiting for this day, and it is finally here.

Ok, I did not feel as proud when he first learn to speak words or call mama. When I told my mom about it, I was actually laughing and shouting in excitement.

I am going to announce it to the nurses at government clinic that my son can hold his bottle for the next visit! During the previous visit, they put a cross (X) next to this sipping water by holding cup himself on the progress checklist or something.

Now, I can have more time to do things when he is drinking milk. ;p


Pink Cotton said...

when he call u mama i din see you blog about it pun...

Redsponge said...

mwhehee...'x' Funny! I also think I am a bit weird.