Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pre - Bali Trip 2009

We flew in to KL from Kuching and KK on 1st October.

For unknown reason, Ben's flight was in the morning, while the rest of us took the evening flight. Only ccw and me and KC knew about it, so the naughty me thought of fooling the others by telling them Ben could not make it for the trip.

The rest believed it as the reason is too solid! Ccw's idea to tell the rest that Ben's parents wanted him to call off the trip because they think it is dangerous as there were tsunami and earthquake the day before flying.


At Tune Hotel, Ben was sitting on the couch at the lobby pretending reading magazine. I just walked in and sat next to him, waiting for the rest to react.

OKK: How come Ben is here?
Fui: Ben!


Anyway, I got a *piak* from Okk as Ben told them I was the culprit of the whole thing. :S

That night, we squeezed into Ben's small room and calculated the tour fee.
It was like playing monopoly and we were all millionaires.

We could hardly hide away our excitement even though we were all sleepy and should have sleep early in order to catch the morning flight to Bali the next day.


Pink Cotton said...

so funny
u ppl din book together meh?

Redsponge said...

No, din book together. We booked KL-Bali together only.