Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rojak Research

During the long, HOT Gawai holidays, I eat ROJAK almost everyday for tea break in the afternoon.

Day 1 (June 1, 2006), I had my first rojak at the garden near near SRB Chung Hua No.3. The ingredients include timun, turnip (thanks pinkcotton, I never know that mengkuang is turnip!), dried tauhu, sotong (brown), grained peanut and rojak paste. HMMMMMM...where is the pineapple???

Then I heard someone from behind saying:
"Ah leng ah, you have to tell people that what are the ingredients that has finished already, do not just simply take order!!"


Anyway, was abit disappointed with the Rojak ler, the paste is not YUMMY and not spicy at ALL!


Day 2 (June 2, 2006), I had rojak at Old Rex Cafe (Behind Singapore Chicken Rice at Rubber Road). Not satisfied with the one I had the day before ma. This time, the first thing I asked, "Got pineapple not?" "No, finish already."


Still ordered one plate from her la. The ingredients are timun, turnip, dried tauhu and rojak paste. This time the rojak paste taste better and is a little bit spicy (very little bit). I do not take spicy food, so you will know how little is the spicy taste.

BUT no pineapple wo.


Day 3 (June 3, 2006), my bf suggested to have rojak at Ice Stone at Saberkas. Since it is "TAKE what you like" (then pay according to the weight), so I put all the fruits that I like. The ingredients are timun, dried tauhu, fried you cha kueh, jambu air, mango (slurp), pineapple (YEAH), rojak paste and lime juice (optional).

MmMmMmMmMm ... finally...rojak with pineapple and the rojak paste is a little bit spicy *open mouth BIG and ARMMM*... mMmMmMmm

The most satisfying rojak!!!


Day 4 (June 4, 2006), no more rojak. HAHA...actually we plan to eat rojak der...but...I cant finish my work in time lor. =(

I know there is rojak stall at Open Air and Song Keng Hai Market. Where else got ROJAK? hmm...so the research is not yet completed lor. Anyone volunteer to continue and list all the rojak stall in Kuching?


Pink Cotton said...

hmm i like the crispy thingy!!!! wat is that ha? it is fried you cha kueh ka? i have always tot it was tau hu 'x'

13th Panda said...

I'm no rojak fan..:-p

u can make rojak urself at home lerrr....:-p

papercrazy said...

try the Rojak shop at Rubber Road...Can't remember the exact name but it's a corner shop at the end of Thomson Corner's shop block

Also, there's another one near San Francisco Grill....Never been there but seems like Rojak is their specialty.

Red Sponge said...

pinkcotton: hmm dun take too much of that...i think it could cause cancer! 'x'!!!

13thpanda: haha...i think i am not so good at preparing food. Or you can said that i am lazy but the most accurate reason would be I am not interested in that. HAHA

mng: AH, the rojak shop at Rubber Road is always "people mountain people sea". "Hek" to see the long queue. Maybe I will try the one near San Francisco Grill some day. Thanks!

Pink Winnie said...

at Rubber Road there not all the time full la.. why i went there got place to le.. hehe.. don't go there on sunny day lo.. haha..

Red Sponge said...

pink winnie: Hmm...ok..will try the one at rubber road one day.