Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baby finally home

From now on, I will call my nephew bulat in this blog...his face is bulat.

Bulat is sweet when sleeping. He smiles when sleeping. Hee

Bulat is cutest when sipping the milk from the little cup. You should listen to the sound he makes when he drinking milk. CHUP CHUP if he has been starved for days. LOL.

Bulat is bising when crying. He cries alot. My ears abit cacat already. Sometimes I thought I heard him crying when he is not.

Bulat does not like people to take off his clothes. We always fail to change his clothes before he started to cry. LOL.

Dear Bulat, Good Night!

1 comment:

Pink Cotton said...

sound so cute...but abbies r like that when drinking nn le...dono y they so tham ciak 'x'