Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hilma's Wedding

Hilma is one of the five malays classmates in my F4&F5 class. Attended her wedding this morning at Holiday Inn. This is the first time I attend a Malay wedding and I find it quite interesting.

When I first received the invitation, I was wondering do they receive ang pao. It is abit stupid of me when I have to phone my friend Eileen (who actually helps Hilma to invite us) asking her that "Can we give ang pao?" And she answered "Well, there is no rule saying that you cannot give ang pao." Hmmm...She continued "I bought a present for her already." I decided to buy present and share with ccw, okk and apple.

This morning, at the wedding ceremony, I saw 2 chairs up on the stage like what you see from the book. When the couples walked in, they went straight to the stage and sat down on the chairs. After the Membaca Doa (Praying) session, the MC read up a poem about the bridegroom and bride. Ah, from there I know Hilma met her husband in Ireland when studying there. Then there is this eating Nasi Temuan (that is rice with raisin) session. A referee was invited up onto the stage. When she open up the cover, the couple had to take some rice to eat. They competed with each other who is faster. After 3 rounds, the results is BOTH WIN. YEAH! Erm, I am not sure why they have to compete, maybe just to make the eating Nasi Temuan to be more fun. The next session is cutting the wedding cake.

Now, let's move back to our table. On the table, the dishes are placed at the center. When I said DISHES, it means that all the dishes are placed on the table at one time. Unlike the Chinese Wedding, we enjoy one dish after another and sometimes you have to wait for half an hour before the next dish is presented. Other than that, each of us are served with 2 glasses of water (plain water and coke) and an empty cup for coffee/tea at the end of the lunch.

I really really wish to take photo of the dishes on the table for you all, but I was just too hungry! 'x'!!! I woke up late and did not take breakfast ma.

So...there another pair of Putera and Puteri living happily ever after! =)


Pink Cotton said...

hmmm...i think you are facing the symptom of "ALL-MY-PEERS-ARE-GETTING-MARRIED!!!OMG!!"


i think it should be your turn soon...wahahahaah~~~

btw pi...i just know the malays have BERSANDING session,that is where the 2 of them sit up on the stage for ppl to see lo...

Red Sponge said...

Hmmm...just happy to see them kahwin lo.

I hope you dont terus kahwin when you start receiving invitation cards from friends.