Friday, March 11, 2011


Incident #1:

I always have something to say about ccw's driving skill.

Aden fell down inside the car not only once due to his clumsiness. Most of the time, I will lecture CCW.

However there was once, when Aden fell off from the seat due to the bumpy road and Aden did not sit properly.

When we managed to pull him up, he asked: Mummy, 是爸爸随便驾吗? (Papa simply drive, right?)

Incident #2:

2 nights ago, when ccw changed Aden into his pyjamas, somehow hurt Aden's head while pulling out the shirt.
Once the shirt was took off, Aden questioned ccw: 你不能够慢一点的meh?! (You cannot do it slower meh?!)


SiaoFang said...

Aden is not using safety belt? My son doesn't want to sit in baby car seat, so we always make sure he is belted and sit properly when car is moving.....

Redsponge said...

Come to think of it, this is funny. We only put on the seat belt when he went out with one of us. If the parents are in the car, we set him loose.

SiaoFang said...

I see. Haha, my hubby says need to make it a habit for him to fasten seat belt.
Whenever I sit with him at the back, he wants me to carry him. But if it is my hubby who sit with him, he will sit "guai guai" with belt on.....

Redsponge said...

That's very good practice.