Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was driving my little boy back home on Sunday night. He was misbehaving that night. So, I talked to him on the way home.
Mummy: Aden, 你不可以喊大大声,知道吗?(You should not shout, you know?)
Aden: 。。。
Mummy: Aden,你要跟bulat koko 玩好好的,知道吗? (Do not play roughly with Bulat, ok?)
Aden: 。。。
Mummy: 你有听到吗? (Do you hear me?)
Aden: 。。。
Mummy: 妈咪跟你讲话,你有听到吗?如果没有听,妈咪以后没有带你去外婆家了。 (Mummy is talking to you, you understand? It you are not listening, I am not going to bring you to grandma's house next time.)
Aden: (in tiny voice)有..(yes)
Mummy: Aden,听得懂吗?ok, 你没有答mummy,以后妈咪不要带你去koko家了。 (Aden, got listen or not? Ok, you are not answering, mummy dun wan to bring u to koko's house next time.)
Aden: (speak slightly louder)有..(yes)
Mummy: ok, 你要记得。如果下次你喊,mummy就没有带你去了。(Ok, you must remember what I said. If you repeat the same thing, mummy is not going to bring you there anymore.)

That night, when we made him to sleep, ccw and I chatted a bit.

Then, suddenly my little boy said: 不要讲话了。 (Stop talking.)
Ccw replied him: ok.
I just kept quiet since he told me not to speak. And the next minute, he turned to me and asked: Mummy, 你听得懂吗? (Do you understand?)

And ccw burst into laughter. I mean likes this ROTBLOL! --> Roll on the bed and laugh out loud!


Pink Cotton said...

i wanto say u padan muka but u say him also not wrong.
i wanto hear how he say 'you understand?' isit ni ming bai ma??

Vampire said...

hahah... so young already know how to balas balik intelligently :D

Redsponge said...

pc, no wo. It is like this: ni ting de dong ma?
okla, next time i use pin yin. So that you can understand better. ;p

Vampire, sigh...ccw so proud of this lo.