Monday, April 05, 2010

Ribbits! new collections!

Let's welcome the yellow toad!

Green batik toad!

Brown batik toad!

Ribbit! Ribbit!!! Kekeke...Besides from toads, I got tortoises too!!

The green "angku kueh"...
They are so cute, right? Hehehe...

Another one, the head is senget which belongs to a special species according to the shop owner. ;p Opps...Ok, those toads and tortoises are not mine!

I went to the opening of Aquatic Kingdom located at 4 1/2 miles, the shop lot opposite 688.

The shop is actually selling kois. Since it is newly open, do not miss the chance to get the promotion if you are interested in buying kois. You will get good discount even if you only buy one!

Look at the nice flower arrangement with fishes!

Last but not least, guess what is inside this photo!
Tip: they are definitely not the chocolates bar!!!


Pink Cotton said...

ewww....guan lai the frog is from pet shop
so ugly...who wanto keep such an ugly pet 'x'

whats that???sancha?

Redsponge said...

Hahaha...cos it has sth to do with the word "HUAT" ah! ;p

Wahahah...nonono...they are freeze worms!!! ;p