Sunday, April 04, 2010

My boy is...

My boy can speak quite a lot of words but yet to learn to construct sentence.

He is very keen to speak like us - in sentences.

At nights, he will tell me stories. You know how much it means to the little boy if you can understand what he is trying to tell. As a mom, I try my best not to disappoint him and pay full attention and concentration to him.

For the first few nights, he keeps telling me the same story which is "...*a long story which I cant understand a word* ...ah chai...kok", he hit his hand on the head. Despite of the fact that I did not understand what does it mean by "ah chai", but I knew that he was telling about something knocked his head, or he knocked his head on something. Until now, I am still guessing what does it mean by ah chai, it could be "just now". Funny thing is that, how come he always get knocked on the head? Why is there no other story to tell?

Then, when I brought him back home from my mom's house, I accidentally knocked his head against the car door. So, he keeps telling my mom who is at the back about the incident. I was still telling my mom that my son is abit "loso". Then, on the way back home, he asked for milk and I told him we will ask papa to make it fast when we reach home. I teach him how to say: papa, milk milk, kuai kuai. And he did follow after me.

So, when we arrived home, ccw welcomed him. Baby Cola was like could not wait to tell him something important: "ah chai, ...kok, ...che che...!" I could not believe what I heard! He was actually telling his dad that his head knocked against the car door! Then ccw asked who did it? He said: "mommy!!"


That's it, my boy after 19 months coming to this world!


Pink Cotton said...

Lol so cute Ho. Can't imagine your little baby can tell stories de. And can tell his daddy u kok his head. Keke. He is daddys boy 'x'

Redsponge said...

I thought he will tell the dad to make milk!!! The next time u back, maybe he will try to start a conversation with you.