Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Year of Tiger!


Since chap go mei pun sudah lepas...I will just do a summary on CNY 2010. :))

My valentine's gift (Valentine's day fall on the first day of cny) from my hubby

Kakakak..the konad nail art on my toes nails! LOL!

I wish to do visiting this year, but end up I only manage to visit a few houses, even less than last year!! Sigh...

Look, whose shoes inside the car!
This is to save time finding baby Cola the right shoes to put on! LOL!

The mix vegetables that I cooked on chap go mei!!!!
Stir fry broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and bailing mushroom with a little bit of salt and garlic. Kakaka...


Pink Cotton said...

kekeke..your son is so vain! so many pairs of shoes in the car 'x'

this yr i m also quite lazy too..not much visiting...but after i come back to png,yiu feel regret 'x'

and and...wahh! u can cook wo! is a colorful dish!but i think got pacific clams also?got ah?

Joyce said...

Hey pi... you're much better than me! I didn't do any visiting except go back to my parent's place! HAHAHA

Other time, i just enjoying lazing at home.

Redsponge said...

Dear PC,

LOL! I saw most ladies put many pairs of shoes inside the car. Oh well, the mom is not doing that though.

Yala, I regret about it almost every year and decided to do visiting this year...but end up...I did the least this year! *shake head*

No, there is no pacific clams. keke..only the bailing mushroom.


cny is the time u balik kampung, so I can understand you should spend more time with families. :)