Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My little toddler @ 16-months-old

He loves to walk. He can now walk to every corner in the house. Amazing, people around told me that when the little boy starts learn to walk, it is very fast for them to master it. I was still doubt about it. Now, I know they are true! My little toddler did it in less than 2 weeks time.

He loves to read. If you gave him a book or a paper with words, he can point at the words and start reading in his own language! Haha

He loves to take photo. If he got your handphone or anything that looks like a handphone to him, he will put near to his eyes and say "xiao xiao" (SMILE!). I think he learnt this from Bulat!

He knows which shirt belongs to who. One day, when I was chatting with Esther, she told me about her colleague's 1yo baby can differentiate the clothes, and then we discovered that Aden can do that too! Oh...they are observant little babies!

He can dance and sing. So far, he knows a few song and can follow a words or two in lyrics. For certain song, he can do sound effect. Hahaha..For examples:
Song #1
We sing the lyrics, he will make the "ong ong" (dog barks) sound after every phrase. But sometimes, you can hear him singing something then suddenly "ong ong", if you pay more attention, he is actually singing the lyrics like "hei you you" then followed by "ong ong".

Song #2
When he heard the song twinkle, twinkle little star, he will show you how the star twinkle by using his little hand. And recently, I noticed that he is trying to sing along whenever I sing the song.

Song #3
Sometimes he can follow the mama and haha part.

Song #4
He knows how to sing the miao miao miao, mao lai liao part.

He is getting slimmer, around 10.5kg. He grows taller, around 82cm.

He easily cries when get scolded/when you speak harshly/louder to him. He will cried pitifully whenever got scolded because of doing something he knows that it is wrong. My bro was fixing lil moo moo's stroller the other day, Aden walked near and played with the dirty wheel. My bro wanted to stop him and speak to him in a different tone, and Aden was startled. He paused and looked at my bro. I knew that my son was going to cry if my bro continue to nag on him. So, I told my bro to look what he had done to my son and asked him to speak in a better tone. LOL! When my bro and mom turned to look at Aden, his face was turning all red. Then it was my bro's turn not knowing what to do until Aden called him softly "Jiu-jiu~"! My bro then told him not to touch the dirty wheel in the softest and most gentle voice he can make. Then, they are friends again. Very funny.

He will correct himself when he called someone wrongly, like calling popo as mummy or papa as mummy. He will quickly call you again with the correct title. But there was once, when he saw my sil, he called her "waipo". He knews it was wrong, so he called again, but he called "mummy". He tried very hard to get it correct but kept repeating between waipo and mummy. He got so tensed up and ended up I was scolded by my mom for not telling him what to call and made him so kelian!


Gabriella said...

oh no why u use his real name?lol

all the story i heard b4...kekeke
and why he sing chinese song only ka?besides twinkle2 little star, i only see petak petak for the rest of the songs 'x'

Gabriella said...

hahahah...i forgot to read the last para...so cute...

Redsponge said...

It appears in other posts too. I lazy to change it dy! ;p

hahaha, ya, recently Bulat listening to chinese songs, so Aden follows.

You din see how he took deep breath before calling. Poor boy, the mama never understand that it is such a difficult task for a little by to call ppl correctly. Hheheeh

Redsponge said...

Oh ya, I told you most of the stories, but I want to record them. So, you have to re-read again. Hehehe