Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Week 37

*counting down*

Baby Cola is doing well.

Cola's mummy is fine too.

So, we just discussed with the doctor the symptoms/signs when to go to hospital.
1. Water break.
2. Bleed.
3. Contractions.

Guess what?! My mama did not have the 3 symptoms mentioned by the doctor when deliver me! All she had was just the back pain for a day. Wondering how is mine going to be.

I can actually feel that the baby is pushing downwards now. We told the doctor about it just in case it is also a sign of labour.

Doctor said:"It is ripe. You can give birth anytime now."

We discussed about the charges. Doctor said:"Do not believe in those package price that the hospitals offer (there are only 3 private hospitals in Kuching, you can guess!), they always have extra to add on! It is roughly around RM2k. Ceasarean section costs more than RM4.5k."

Let me end this post with a cute stuff for baby Cola from MIL. I am going to wrap baby Cola with it! :)
The baby in the photo is cute too!


helen said...

redspongie..kuching specialist has this catalogue written RM1800 delivery package. It's for 2 days/1 nite stay, non-epidural, include immunisation for baby and it's 2-bedded ward. if u want 1 bed ward, add RM60/night. The price hasn't include government tax of 5%. So add up, it's almost 2k. Shouldn't be a bluff hor? I think i'll go for it but add that RM60 per night lor..I want to be alone with my baby and husband after delivery. hehe

Pink Cotton said...

wow got package wan ka?
like booking hotel...heheh

oh my gosh!!
cola is coming so soon!...

omg omg omg ...

VampireM said...

lol funny to use the word 'ripe'...
like can 'makan'...
psst... end of this month i go visit your cola...

Eryn said...

I'm so excited for you and CCW! Hehe.

You see vampirem commenting at nearly 2 am? *faint*

cbenc12 said...

de doc used the word 'ripe'.. so funny.. like food!
happy delivery to u~~!!

Redsponge said...

helen, hmm...ah, that should be about the price. LOL. Definitely not 1.8k. There might be other charges, nevermind, we just need to pay them.

pink cotton, but ho, i din book the package. ;p

vampirem, yaya, this doctor always use words that make me @@! Ok ok...will teach cola to call you uncle. LOL!

eryn, got football match going on? how come he can stay awake until so late? 'x'

cbenc, thanks! The doctor is a bit cartoon! ;p

wen said...

*kinteo kinteo* u're ripe!!!

Redsponge said...

wen, it is cola ler ;p

Chen said...

tick tock tick tock..
Cola is coming to town soon :)

when your cervix ripens, it will become softer, thinner and easier to dilate :P

Redsponge said...

chen, yaya..week 38 now!