Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am not froggie (II)

These few days, I have been bringing my faithful camera - Canon PowerShot A540 with me. I still in love with this camera even though after having the bulky DSLR. =)

On one morning, when I look around my cubicle, I noticed that there are a few froggies added to my collection. I blog about
I am not froggie (I) 2 years back, if you are interested to read it. So, I am going to continue with the numbering from the previous post to keep track of the number of froggies that I have in my cubicle.

8. Frog Angel from or2ng3s.

9. Frog with magnet from 13th panda as a souvenir from Miri.

10. Frog Stapler from pink cotton as a souvenir from Singapore.

11. Frog Wrist Rest from pink cotton as a souvenir from KL trip 2 years ago.

12. Frog handphone accessory from oink.

I cannot remember where they bring these frogs back already. People, if you still remember, please help me to update this post. Thanks.

***Updated on 14th August 2008: I kept counting the number of frogs on my desk and there are 12. I have to match the photo in my blog and the frogs on my table to find out which frog that I have missed out. Duh! ;p


Pink Cotton said...

hehe my eye-less froggie stapler...u got use it or not?
btw it is from sg lor 'x'

hmm i think that frog from aquaria was from 2 yrs ago 'x'

tsk tsk so fast time flies...

cbenc12 said...

i like the froggie stapler.. cute!!! now only i know u r fren wif pink cotton!

Chen said...

i lup moo moo and u lup froggie
and the skipping cotton adores piggy

Katherine-Lee said...

Everything is just so cute!

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, Ok ok, will update the post again ;p

cbenc12, haha, it is never too late.

chen, yalo. u 2 shud blog about ur collection too.

katherine-lee, thanks!

13th Panda said...

I got the frog magnet from Miri. Hee..u need Gingko 'x'

Redsponge said...

13th panda, thanks! LOL, btw, where did oink bought the froggy handphone accessory dy? 'x'