Friday, January 26, 2007

A Memorable Trip

It is not the place but the people that you are with that makes the trip turn out to be an unforgetable one.

Trip to Singapore with them: Ben, CPH, Winnie, sandbox, @pple, CCW and me. A total of 7 of us. We bought the tickets last year, well, you have to buy your ticket early if you are flying with everyone else (you know, that is Air Asia). It is our nightmare that any of us might have to quit if fail to apply for leave. We put the trip short, as short as 4 days 3 nights just to turn the risk to the lowest level. Lucky thing is that the 7 of us managed to free ourselves and fly off! *Yeah*
First Day - Exciting
The flight depart at 8:50am on Jan 4th. We gathered at the Kuching International Airport at around 7:45am and check-in. We spent some time at KFC before boarding. While ben was enjoying his breakfast at KFC, I saw sandbox and @pple were examining an antique.


The donald duck notebook looks familiar to me. 6 years ago, I was sitting next to @apple in class, she used it to take notes in class. @pple then showed me the tickets that she kept inside the notebook while she travelled to Singapore in 1999. is cute! Well, I do not have the habit / hobby to keep those memorable admission tickets as I was brought up and educated by mama that those are rubbish. *sigh* Mama shaped her kids.

The flight departed on time and we reached Sultan Ismail International Airport at around 10am. There, we are divided into 2 groups. Group 1: CPH and Winnie together with auntie, cousin and grandma got into a "cab" that sending them to the aunt's house while Group 2: Ben, sandbox, apple, ccw and I got into another "cab" heading towards fui's place. By the time we (Group 2) reached fui's place, it was 11 something. Fui provided us the accomodation at her place. Fui's half day leave was not approved, so she asked Adipos, our food consultant, to send us the keys. There the 5 of us waited for adipos for about 30 minutes. We enjoyed ourselves taking photos while waiting for the key. Adipos, in case you are reading this, it's ok, you are still the greatest food consultant! LOL!

After unloading the baggages, we got ready for LUNCH! Upon CCW's request to have lunch at Din Tai Feng, Adipos brought us to the one located at Paragon, Orchard Road. So, there we ate the famous xiao long bao @ steamed pork dumplings.

Among the dumplings, I love the steamed crabmeat and pork dumpling the best.

After having the satisfying meal, we continued along the orchard road until the @apple and I were suddenly trapped inside a boutique. I am not sure how long the guys were waiting outside. But they must be too bored and take photo for that shop.

Then, Winnie and CPH met us at that boutique when @pple and I had finally find our way to get out from the shop. The guys suggested to have a tea break while giving winnie & cph some time to peep around the shop. So, adipos brought us to this place and ordered us some mudpies. Yummyyy...

On the way back to look for winnie and CPH, we took a photo of him! Heheeee...

Before dinner, we walked around Ngee Ann City.

At night, we had dinner at the foodcourt. Fui, lyn and KK joined us there. That is 11 of us. Halfway through, we left the table, leaving winnie, fui and KK at the table to look after our shopping bags, cameras, backpacks, etc. This is the first time winnie and fui met KK. Winnie is talkative, I mean she is a very friendly and outgoing person, so there is no problem for the 3 to get along after knowing each other for 3 seconds. By the time we got back to the table, we saw a BIG box lied on the chair while the 3 were so into the conversation. I thought there was lucky draw or something going on, and the lucky us got the first prize, well the box is quite big and wrappped in pinkish glossy wrapper, so it could be the first prize. BUT when we asked the 3 of them, they looked at us and thought that we brought back the BIG box! OMG! None of them realised that someone had actually placed the big box there, can you imagine that? LOL! Then when we were looking each other and trying to figure out what was going on, a pretty lady greeted our dearie Justin. Justin turned and told her the ridiculous story. And guess what? The big box belonged to the lady and her friend. Hehee...So the puzzled is solved and you know the 3 of them will be teased for the rest of their lives...I guess.

We waited for shin, the poor girl who had to work OT and her bf, yd for a while and Lyn called her up to tell her our next stop so that we were going to so that she can find us there.

The shops were closing by the time we reached there. But we still managed to buy something. All of a sudden, this shin appeared from nowhere and gave me a hit on the shoulder. Wooo...finally we met! ^_^

After taking some photos, we decided to head back. By the time we lied on bed, it was already 1 something. Tired, but some of us did not sleep well. Fui is not used to sleep with people. Winnie always has a very difficult time to sleep at a new place. hehe...actually I did not sleep well too because I worried that I might snored and distubed the rest. ROF!

2nd day - Thrilling
Wake up in the early morning and took turns to take bath. We had simple breakfast at the foodcourt nearby and started the journey to Sentosa Island. We took MRT to HarbourFront station and hopped onto the orange bus to Sentosa Island.

We spent half a day on the island. We made a few stops including the merlion, the luge race and skyride, 4D Magix, Underwater World, Ruin City.

I quite like the luge race because we can totally control it on our own. CPH, Winnie, ccw and I even stopped halfway to take some photos.

As for the skyride, it is not bad too. You get to see the bird view above Sentosa Island. Worthwhile rides.

When we were queueing up to buy the tickets for 4D Magix, Fui was telling us her colleague said that the show is adventurous and was thrown out from the seat. The description also says that it is more than just the motion seat and the spectrum visual effects, it includes other effects such as wind-blowing, water spray, leg ticklers. Sounded interesting right? So we decided to go in and find out more. When I was about to make the payment, sandbox suddenly wanted to quit!!!! He worried that he might throw out or get dizziness after that. Hey, I am not sure why he suddenly worried over such thing as he is not that weak unless he is not feeling well. @apple, Winnie, fui and I were too shocked to hear that and kilikulu to persuade him to watch it together. Well, never there is any man can stand against a lady's will and some more there were 4 of us! *evil laugh*

So, there we waited anxiously for the 15 minutes movie - Pirates, an adventure comedy. The comedy is about the wacky Captain leading his pirate crew to a Caribbean island on their quest for buried treasure. A young cabin boy who has survived one of the pirate attacks. He has set up all kinds of traps on the island seeking revenge on the captain. We can feel the wind blowing onto our faces when the ship sailing, the water spray right onto our faces, the angry bat attacks not only visually but also some wire material that tickling our legs. It was quite fun but not as adventurous as you will drop off from the seat lor.

Had our lunch at Subway. Yummy sandwiches...

We moved on to the Underwater world. CPH, Winnie and sandbox went in only as the rest of us have been there before and unwilling to spend on it again. So we strolled around the lost civilization and ruined city. Well, not much to be seen as it was ruined. :-/

We met up with them again after like 40 minutes.

Went to Vivo for shopping and there G2000 and U2 again. LOL!

At night, having dinner at Melben's cafe @ Ang Mo Kio. Poor Sri Lanka's crabs, we ate them. The crabs tasted nice! Again, adipos, you did a great job bringing us there. We found out something while we were eating there. There were lots of cars. Some people could not find parking and forced to park illegally. When the traffic police came, I heard someone whistling and the next minute you found that many car owners run towards the car holding the keys in hands. Hehehe...that is the signal. So cute hor?!! Those drivers were rushing to the cars with smiles while the rest of us sitting in the shop were also laughing looking at them.

3rd day - Eat-All-You-Can
Went to Chinatown in the morning, we do not have much time there. We did not even walk through the people's park. Sigh...but it is OK! We were requested by the food consultant to reach Suntec City by 12:30pm. He brought us to lunch at Kuishin-bo, enjoyed the Japanese Buffet. S$30 per pax. The food served are fresher and has wide variety compare to the only Japanese Buffet that we have in Kuching. The price for the 2 places does not have much difference. In between, there is the little game. When you heard the song: Dong dong dong 1, 2, 3...the restaurant is giving out limited dessert!

Once we got the strawberry with ice cream stuffed inside. Oh! It was sour and icy.

And the next round, they served:

ah...It is COTTON CANDY! Almost tapao back for pinkcotton, but too bad it is blue not pink.

After filling up our stomach, we divided into 3 groups. 2 groups stayed and shop in Suntec. The other group was following the food consultant to somewhere else where there are more choices for sport shoes.

We met again at the Esplanade at 5:30pm. It was the photo taking session. We brought along the tripod. While adipos was setting up the tripod, there was another girl taking photos with her taller tripod. He was trying to make the shame shame face to us as our tripod is shorter but got caught by the girl. The helpful girl thought that he did not know how to set up the tripod and offered him help. Hahahaha...Ya, now we know the reason why Adipos prefers to stay in Singapore instead of going back to Kuching. ;p!!!

After walking for miles and miles for a few days, our poor legs were really tired. Look at this pity foot,
awwwwwww...The owner requested to leave earlier. So, the rest of us continued walking towards the merlion and took some photos with it.

Then visited the boat kuay and clark quay before we made a move to Geyland for dinner. Had the famous beef kueh tiaw. Coffee pork rib ordered by Daisy was really ZAN!

Hugged Lyn and Shin and waved goodbye to KK and yd! They were not joining us on the last day!

4th day - Packing
Winnie and CPH went over to his aunt's place as they stayed 2 more days in Singapore.

After having the breakfast, we went to the NTUC supermarket and bought tonnes of ferrero rocher and other chocolates to bring home. Please do not misunderstand that Kuching does not have ferrero rocher, it was because the chocolates in Singapore is soooooo muccccccccccchhhhh cheaper. ARGH! *kek tiok*

We went back to fui's place to do some packing. Ben followed fui to JB while sandbox, @pple, ccw and I went to Bugis and did the final round of shopping. Adipos met us at Bugis. I managed to grab another few items before leaving Singapore. Haha..

By the time we arrived at fui's place, the "cab" was already there. So we were rushing to pack the stuff into the luggage. As a result, ccw threw away my newly bought earrings together with the empty plastic bags into the dustbin. *sob* Luckily, I remembered them and told fui to save them!

*muacks* fui and winnie for the rescue and delivery services. Hahah

Once again we reached the Sultan Ismail International Airport.

Our flight took off on time again and we reached KIA at 8:50pm.

Conclusion: Enjoyable trip!


wendao2588 said...

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Chen said...

I wanna go Singapore too !!
The last time I visited Singapore was 20 years ago liao leh....
The one & the only time :P

zeroimpact said...

It is true that the company makes a big difference
No matter where you go, if the company is right, then it's like incredibly enjoyable

Mr. Goober said...

you seem to had an enjoyable trip~!
too bad..didn't bring any of those food bacK?!?

Adipos said...

Enjoyed having you guys come over for a visit!

Group photos can be found here:

Take care ljpei!

p/s: finally got entry... lazy lah u!

Winn said...

full report!!! wah cool! looks like u had an enjoyable trip. so when u coming to KL jek?

Redsponge said...

chen, hmm i still remember that my first trip to singapore is during the time when waiting for SPM results. I do not like the place very much as it was crowded. But I like it more after my second visit...cos fall in love to shop there.

it is time for u go over and cari carcar liao! ;p

Redsponge said...

zeroimpact, nod nod! It is not easy to gather together and make a trip.

mr. goober, no worry, our local crab is VERY DELICIOUS TOO!!! will show u where to find nice crab in the coming dunno when la. ;p

adipos, oops...btw, i hope i wont get u into any trouble in the parts where mentioning abt the pretty ladies...*bleks*

winn, hehehe...i am forgetful ma, so while everything is still fresh, i must record down lor. ;p Pinkcotton represents the redsponge visiting u liao ;p When u coming to Kuching le?

Selba said...

Oh.. sounds you really had a great time :)

Too bad, I can't fully opened all the picture in here... too heavy for my dial up connection internet.

Pink Winnie said...

hehe.. it's very good to go travelling with a big group of people o.. especially meal time..can order many kinds of food n try.. so nice.. *wonder if i have the chance o not*

VampireM said...

wah... long post... but good...
u should split up to few parts, can blog more details, more fun :p

Pink Cotton said...

WAHH so very the cheong hei!

hmmmm i only wanto comment on the andy lau photo ho..

hmmmmm the red sponge there hoh...reminds me of another photo with another someone doing the SAME SAME pose!


Redsponge said...

selba, too bad! redsponge took a photo with andy oh. ;p

pink winnie, u sure got the chance one no worry!

vampirem, ah ah ah...wanna join next trip?! 2008!

pinkcotton, hmm...same same pose tak apa ler...;p

Pink Cotton said...

u kno who meh???

Anonymous said...

wah.. 2008, by that time, maybe got Pei junior lo... :p

VampireM said...

oops, anonymous was me just now, sth wrong with the comment page...

sure, i'd love to join if I can make it. lemme know

a^ben said...

waiseh` mia for sooooooooo long!!!!

i wanna go to the island too!! hahahaha

or2ng3s said...

wa long der post!!!

Pink Winnie said...

i hope too..

Redsponge said...

pinkcotton, hmm...not me? hehe perasan ;p

vampirem, waiseh!!!! dun scare me! HAHA! Ya..count u in! ;p

a^ben, ya, the blog almost close down! LOL

or2ng3s, hahaha..."long breath" ler!!

pink winnie, er...from wan zi liang in a HK drama series: If you think you can, you can! ;p