Thursday, November 02, 2006


Last week, I went to 青山岩,a temple at Muara Tebas with my bro and his gf.

Hmm the name of the temple reminds me this:



One incident must be recorded here.

Guess which carpark in Kuching charges the most expensive fee?

The basement parking at Saberkas?


Merdeka Palace?

It is at Muara Tebas!

I am not sure whether the parking lot is private property or what, but the kids there collect the carpark fee from all the visitors. Anyway, this is nothing new. But I never know the charges increase dramatically after few years, that is from RM2 to RM7!!

When we reached there, a kid appeared to be helpful and pulled away the rubbish bin for us to park the car. I told my bro that he would have to pay for the carpark. So, he pulled out one RM1 note. When he opened the car door, he had really interesting conversation with the kid.

Kid: Boss, 3 Ringgit.
My bro: Waiseh, mana ada carpark begitu mahal?
Kid: Kereta kecil macam kancil jugak 3 ringgit bah.
My bro: Macam mana dengan helicopter and kapal terbang?
Kid: ...

Anyway, my bro paid him RM3 and the kid left happily.

Then we spent around 45 mins at the temple and decided to head down the hill.

There, another kid moving towards us and we stopped.

Kid: Boss, 2 ringgit untuk carpark.
My bro: Sudah bayar tadi. We started to walk away.
Kid: Boss, 2 ringgit untuk carpark.
My bro: Sudah bayar 3 ringgit tadi.
Kid: Boss, bayar la...
We ignored the kid and went into the coffee shop to have some drinks. The kid was gone after that.

This was not the end yet.

When we decided to leave, another kid appeared in the scene again.

Kid: 2 Ringgit, Boss..
My bro: Sudah bayar
Kid: Aiyar, itu tak sama bah boss.
My bro: Apa tak sama? Sudah bayar 3 ringgit.
Kid: Boss, tadi itu 3 Ringgit beza, ini 2 ringgit bah.

My bro started the engine and we left.

Can you imagine that? Carpark fee per hour = RM7. The carpark is just an open space, not any proper carpark.

So, beware of the kids when you visit the the place next time.

I took some photos of the lotus found outside the temple.

p/s: Sorry ah, I know you cant read the chinese characters.


13th Panda said...

AHA!i am first!

the carpark is owned by diff ppl is it?why ask for money so many times der..u guys did the right thing. I think they just simply ask for money one.

the lotus is pretty

zeroimpact said...

I also don't know how to read
*sobs sobs*

Pink Cotton said...


hey luckily u ppl paid ah..tats the bad thing about goign to 'green mountain' fren told me last time if you don pay up ah,they will come n scratch ur car...

hmm the flowerwer looks nice ho? ;)

Pink Winnie said...

is like that 1 la.. u know why.. they charge u according to people(kids). how many kids help u for parking spaces, then how much they'll charge u..

Pink Winnie said...

the lotus r beautiful o..

papercrazy said...

I don't read, talk and write the taugeh ji!!

Yr bro did the right thing by paying as u guys arrived cos that way, they cannot scratch yr car as mentioned by PC lor...

The lotus is pwetty

Pinky_piglet said...

wah come our society become like this ki??

police wan us to chia(kopi lui) when we break the rules...

parknig inside the car park also had been pecah cermin by someone...

now parking at the field(call car park???doubt of it) also need to bayar again agian and agian... what the "TOT"!!! just call them rob the bank la...

Happysurfer said...

The flowers are very pretty and so pure-looking.

Whoa! Noticed that you have many 'pink' friends here. hehe...

Mr.Goober said...

the last time my friend went there without paying, he got his car scratched by those pesky kids :P

Chen said...

those kids, really know how to kebas duit :( if dowan to pay, they will scratch the car, exactly like little rascals..

Red Sponge said...

13th panda, congrats!!! ;p We only occupied one space all the while wo. They are sot!

zeroimpact, aw...*pat pat* I translate the name of the place to u is "GREEN HILL STONE" hahahaha...

pink cotton, bad ho the kids? Let's PP the kids. 'x'

pink winnie, that der meh??? tsk tsk tsk...soo scary der!!!!

papercrazy, ok sorry sorry! But maybe you can take up the mandarin speaking class so that we can communicate better...oopss!

pinky_piglet, fuh fuh fuh ... cool down cool down. Erm...Ok, I understand your feelings, few years back when my bag was stolen at Parkson's carpark, I was as mad as you. But I just learnt the lesson to be more careful now.

happysurfer, yeap...they are all pinkish!

mr.goober, they are the BIG BROs there lor...hrng...

chen, those kids are really hen tau yian lor.

Red Sponge said...

To all...

Ya...the lotus is pretty. Not sure which kind of lotus it is.

But the seed cup reminds me of the infected breast caused by wearing the unwashed bra. 'x'!!!!

Pinky_piglet said...

the lotus look really nice o...when i was kid, i think this flower so special, growth up on the unique la..
lotus also got many kinds meh??

Pink Winnie said...

it did happened when i went there too.. n i 've picture too..

Red Sponge said...

pinky piglet, yup yup...water lily is also from the lotus family.

pink winnie, OIC...i seldom go there, I remember the carpark collected by adults last time. But that was many years ago when my papa and uncle #2 used to go there fishing! 'x'